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Tak EM200 polar scope illumination question


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I'm looking at a used Takahashi EM-200 Temma 2 mount (not the 2M) and noticed a problem with the polar scope illuminated reticle. Although there is a red light visible inside the mount casing (when looking through the front of the polar scope aperture), nothing was visible through the p-scope itself, and the reticle was invisible.
I downloaded a couple of manuals (for the Temma 2 jnr & 2M models) and nowhere does it show a diagram of any switch for the illuminated reticle. It does describe an adjustment for illumination level, which I take to be the small set-screw next to the power indication light. Adjusting this screw does seem to adjust the brightness of the red light visible inside the mount.
Does this mean the reticle is permanently illuminated when the mount is powered on?
What may have happened is for the light source (LED?) to have moved from its usual position, so that it no longer illuminates the reticle. This will require opening up the mount to see what is going on.
Does anyone have any detailed schematics of the EM-200, or have any experience in opening one up?
Given the polar scope is a key feature of this mount, I'd really like to have this fixed before buying the mount!

Thanks for any help or suggestions you can offer,
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