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`Tangra` anyone tried it?


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Hi folks

While my other half was doing her thing around Asda I found some little cheapo HD video cams for the princely sum of £20. I`ve managed to get it talking to Astroart5 and even enabled some long exposures with it and while looking for some video post processing apps I came across this one http://www.hristopavlov.net/Tangra3/

It seem a pretty cool app and includes a feature for one of my own interests -Spectroscopy and wondered if any one had tried it?.






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I have used it, but only as a tool to reduce sequences of FITS images associated with asteroidal occultations. Hristo was quite helpful when I contacted him with some questions, so you may want to send him an email message if you are trying to accomplish a particular task and can't find answers in the available documentation. You may want to peruse the Yahoo! groups as well, as I know there has been discussion of that tool over there in the past.

  -- Mike --

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