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Quark owners, advice needed.

MY Yau

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I have a Skywatcher 80ED + HEQ5 Pro. Thinking of getting a Quark for Solar visual/imaging.


1) I have a Color Camera (ASI290MC). Would color cmos or DSLR work well with Quark HA imaging?

2) using prime focus with the ASI290MC, the FOV would be very small. Would it work if I use eyepiece projection via camera + Baader zoom + Quark?

That's all for the moment.

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I do not have a Quark, but I have a similar etalon+blocking filter+tele-centric combination. You would not want to use EP projection, as the Quark has a built-in tele-centric (like a PowerMate) which magnifies 4.2x (or thereabouts). A colour camera would mean only using one quarter of the pixels, which is a bit of a waste, monochrome is much better. With your F/7.5 80ED you will be working at over F/30, which means you want a camera with fairly large pixels (like the ASI174MM I use), or you could use a focal reducer. The ASI290 has 2.9 micron pixels, which would work best at roughly F/12-F/15, so if you want to combine it with a Quark, it is best to use something like a 0.5x reducer.

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