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Sky-Watcher 10 Dob mount - Lost a teflon pad


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Virgin Teflon or ptfe can be bought fairly cheaply off the net. Try to find the etched stuff so you can attach it to the base easier, that way you can glue it or use double sided tape. I used double sided carpet tape when I did this.

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Alternatively, later on I bought a lazy susan that is found in the 12" skywatcher dobs, bought a 100mmx100mmx10mm piece of aluminium (or thereabouts, might've been bigger - bigger is better imo), tapped a hole in the middle to run a bolt through (only the botton half of the bolt is threaded), drilled 4 more holes to screw it to the bottom of the dob, bought a similar size piece of teflon, drilled similar holes but didn't  tap it, screwed it to the top piece of the base, put a knob on the bolt and added a thrust bearing to hold all together and I can now tighten it to the exact amount that I want. To make it perfectly balanced in both alt and az.



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