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Ioptron Skyguider

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Hi guys is there anyone out there who is Using the Ioptron Skyguider ! for wide field Imaging I Must admit when i search i only seem to get the same reviews and companies selling the Ioptron skyguider.... So just wondering if there is any One on SGL who  is Using one other than myself. :help:


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I just recently ordered the Ioptron Skytracker from Amazon and haven't received it yet. It will start my journey into wide field astrophotography. What do you think of yours?


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Hi sorry for the late response.

I really like it in fact it's a wonderful  piece of Equipment must admit once you get into making sure it's setup right i.e. Make sure it's balanced correctly & that you take time to Polar align best you can  You will be blessed with wonderful Images .

Some Important Information on setup for a night of Imaging.

1 Make sure your Tripod is leveled and bubble is Centered

2. Balance best you can but if possible slight bias with the weight to the East

3. Take Time to polar align Correctly 


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