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  1. Hi johnrt,

    you replied to my posted message yesterday about   IDAS LPS-P1 Light Pollution Suppression filter. Is your filter IDAS LPS P1

    Only i cannot find any info on P1.....P2  & D1 yes. But not IDAS LPS P1 ? any info would be most gratefully received.

    many thanks Dr Robert Taylor (Astrobob1973)

    1. johnrt



      I think I must have misread your thread, I have in fact got the P2, not P1. Apologies!


  2. Hi there, Any of you Guys come across The :- IDAS LPS-P1 Light Pollution Suppression filter ! I have not come across IDAS LPS-P1 Only just been offered One 62mm For £30 quid !!! I know of the D1 and the P2 but not come Across P1 ? Just thinking has the old guy miss read the writing on the side of the filter. This is the ad in Astronomy buy and sell IDAS LPS-P1 62mm light pollution suppression filter IDAS LPS-P1 62mm light pollution suppression filter can be attached to the front of a lens of the same aperture. In addition a step-ring is included which allows the filter to be attached to a larger 72mm aperture lens. Price reduced, includes postage £30 Think I will take a chance with it and buy it. But please if anyone has heard of this IDAS P1 Filter any information would be most grateful received.
  3. Hi there, Any of you Guys come across The :- IDAS LPS-P1 Light Pollution Suppression filter ! I have not come across IDAS LPS-P1 Only just been offered One 62mm For £30 quid !!!
  4. Hi sorry for the late response. I really like it in fact it's a wonderful piece of Equipment must admit once you get into making sure it's setup right i.e. Make sure it's balanced correctly & that you take time to Polar align best you can You will be blessed with wonderful Images . Some Important Information on setup for a night of Imaging. 1 Make sure your Tripod is leveled and bubble is Centered 2. Balance best you can but if possible slight bias with the weight to the East 3. Take Time to polar align Correctly
  5. Hi guys is there anyone out there who is Using the Ioptron Skyguider ! for wide field Imaging I Must admit when i search i only seem to get the same reviews and companies selling the Ioptron skyguider.... So just wondering if there is any One on SGL who is Using one other than myself.
  6. Hi is the eq3 which has had the goto upgrade still for sale !
  7. Astrobob1973

    Hello (:

    Hello and Welcome
  8. Astrobob1973


    my take on a barn door star tracker
  9. my take on a barn door star tracker
  10. Hi Guys Question do any of your Older Astronomers Remember a Telescope Company Called Cambridge Astronomical Telescopes ! back in the 1980's I would like to find out if there are Any photos or Information available on there Telescope Mounts. Unable to find any thing on line!! can anyone out there Help Many thanks
  11. Can I use a gear wheel and worn with 260 Teeth to make a wide Field astrophotography tracker !! Seen lots of these worm and wheel sets in the past but none with 260 Teeth!! Cheers to all and help here is most welcome......
  12. Hi guys I got a gear wheel and worm Just counted the teeth and there is 260 teeth do you think this would be OK as far as the number of teeth for making a wide field astrophotography mount the gear wheel is 144.8 mm Circumference and its nicely made. I would use a stepper motor to drive the Assembly if this worm is OK Thanks for any input as this would be most helpful.
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