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Attaching webcam to Hyperions?

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BG, according to the Hyperion brochure I have here, you want either the standard ep clamp, part # 2458120 or the click lock ep clamp 2458100. These allow you to drop in a webcam with a 1.25" nose piece attached. It looks like you also need the M43/T2 adapter ring 2958080. The brochure recommends the t-2 extension tube 1508155 as well. Check here <a href=http://www.alpineastro.com/Hyperion-Eyepieces_com/Images_and_Docs/Hyperion_Manual_1.pdf>page 1</a> and <a href=http://www.alpineastro.com/Hyperion-Eyepieces_com/Images_and_Docs/Hyperion_Manual_2.pdf>page 2</a> for the brochure. The piece I was referring to is on page 2 down the left hand side.

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