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I have a Skywatcher ED80 scope with matching 0.85x flatten/reducer.

I've just bought a QHY8L camera and I'm trying to work out how to attach it and a 2" filter to the scope and reducer.

It seems like I need:

1 x M56 to M48 adapter to connect a filter to the front of the reducer and connect reducer to scope

1 x M48 to T2 adapter to connect the camera to the back of the reducer

1 x M48 or T2 extension tube to get the desired 55mm sensor-to-reducer require spacing.

Am I right in thinking I'll need to spend upwards of £50 on adapters/extension tubes to connect all this stuff together?

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I use one of these between the FR and the scope, much more convenient and threaded for 2" filters as well. http://www.firstligh...l-reducers.html.

At the camera end a T2 converter and spacers as necessary.

Thanks Black Knight, that's what I thought. I know the camera face to sensor distance on the QHY8L is 20mm, so just need to find the correct combination of adapter and extension tube that will give the 55mm required.

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