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Constellation Poll

What constellation system do you prefer?  

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  1. 1. What constellation system do you prefer?

    • Rey, which uses shapes that generally resemble what it's supposed to be
    • Astronomical, which lays them out in easy-to-remember shapes
    • Own System
    • Asterisms

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I'm basically asking how you view the constellations and what system you find works better for finding your way around.

For me, I use all 4. I do my own shape-making when star-hopping, I use common asterisms, and I prefer Rey's Gemini, but the astronomical Pegasus. I'm therefore going to vote for them all.

For those of you who don't know, R. A. Rey wrote a terrific book aimed at naked eye astronomers and made his own unique system for shaping the constellations, which makes them as far as possible the same shape as the figures behind their names e.g. made Ursa Major look like a bear. He also insisted on using the English names for the constellations e.g. Camelopardis as The Camel.

Over to you. Those without Goto, that is!!


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