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Strange Clestron AVX Problem Last Night


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I got a new Celestron AVX mount last week. Friday night I set it up, did a 2-star alignment with one calibration star, and did a ASPA. I got really good tracking with my Orion SSAG. Last night (Saturday) I set up for another cloudless night. I set up in the same place and the mount simply would not point anywhere near any 2-star alignment star.

It was probably 45 degrees off pointing to Arcturus. Same or worse for other stars. This is my first EQ mount so I thought I must be doing something wrong. I double and triple checked that the RA axis was pointing north. I double checked axis balances. Double checked the location info in Utilities etc., and still pointing was way off. I even checked to see if there were alignment or calibration stars still in memory from the previous night.

Out of desperation I reset the mount to factory settings and started over. That did the trick and I had another night of a really good ASPA and guiding.

Has anyone else had this issue with the AVX or other go-to EQ mount? It's a head scratcher for this EQ mount noob.


Celestron C8 XLT

Celestron Adv VX Mount

Celestron F/6.3 Reducer

Orion Mag-Mini 50 SSAG

Canon 450D / BackyardEOS

Nebulosity/PhotoShop CC

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