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Skywatcher tripod eyepiece tray


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Took deliver of the skytee2 and skywatcher tripod. Mount is great and works well with the TAK120. Only problem so far is the eyepiece tray is too close to the top of the tripod to let my 2" ES eyepieces to fit? Anyone got any ideas how to overcome this? It's a shame not to be able use the 2 available 2" eyepiece holes as I have 3 ES 2" eyepieces and with one in the scope everything would in theory have a place to go. Alas, the ES eyepieces are too tall and it doesn't look I can move the eyepiece tray any lower?

what other options are there?

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Hi Seiko,

It's not a good idea to try and move the eyepiece tray lower as it makes the tripod less rigid and you would need to make extensions for the leg braces etc, it's a bit of a gimmick really and not that useful in real life except as a sort of carry handle!

You will find any eyepieces left on the tray quickly dew-up once the cool weather returns....

Best thing is a sheet of plywood, bracing timber, varnish, felt, hinges, catches, screws and glue plus a couple of wet saturday afternoons in the shed making a box for your eyepiece collection, if you use the search function once logged in to SGL you will find quite a few members have built boxes that Chippendale would be proud of!

On the other hand, if your'e not inclined that way you will find loads of cheap aluminium foam-filled camera cases on the web that can be cut out with a craft knife to fit your eyepiece and accessory collection.


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