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ATIK OSX Test Application & Alpha3 drivers available here!


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These are the latest alpha 3 drivers released today :D My focus on this release has been to finish the test example application and focus resolving some fixing some bugs in the driver. I hope you feel it's good progress!

For non-developers there's now a test application that you can run that allows you to try your ATIK camera on your mac! It allows you to take images, set/see the temperature, select filters and more - including easier support setup for the 16IC. I'll create a youtube video guide shortly.

To try the test application all you'll need is this, just unzip and run: ExampleApplication.zip

Note the application is not digitally signed, this means that OSX will complain if you have not allowed applications from non-mac app store. Go to System Preferences > Security & Privacy and on the General Tab select the "Anywhere" option from the "Allow applications downloaded from" section - you will need to unlock using the padlock to change this.

Note #2 - unplugging usb devices is to be finished in beta (ie next release)

Please feel free to send me your thoughts and if you experience problems at the email address in the about box (I'm not linking it here to reduce to spam) - or - message me privately on SGL.

For developers, I've put together the Alpha3 drivers used in the test app along with an updated development guide.

Get the developer guide here: ATIKOSXDrivers.pdf

Get the modern drivers here: ATIKOSXDrivers.framework.zip

Get the legacy drivers here (requires the modern drivers): ATIKOSXLegacyDrivers.framework.zip

I'll upload this to ATIK's own forums soon.

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Well the 32bit PC application works nicely to extract the FTDIChipID for the ATIK 16IC series legacy support.

Dll Version = 1.1.0
Number of 232R devices = 1
Device 0
Serial Number: A3001QH8
Description: ATK 16IC Camera
Location ID: 0x00000012
Chip ID: 0x0EE8F4C9
Get Chip IDs using handle
1 FTDI devices connected
Chip ID: 0x0EE8F4C9
Press return to exit

With this you can then add to the Example Application "Preferences" - as I have here:


Once you've added a camera's details quit the app then restart it - the app should store the details. Keep a note of the details for future reference.

You'll need the "Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 Redistributable (x86)" (http://www.microsoft...ls.aspx?id=5555).

Simply unzip then use "cmd" console to run the "GetFTDIChipId.exe". Note down the serial number and associated chipid for each camera - add to the Example Application...

GetChipId here: GetChipId.zip

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