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ASCOM screens with unreadable text...

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Not sure if anyone can help me with this but it's always worth asking!

After d e s t r o y i n g 5 hours worth of imaging due to the focus being off by a bit - (I was asleep during the run), I went through my 'astro hardware closet' and dug out an ASCOM compatible USB focus gadget that can connect my Rigel nFocus to something like FocusMax:cool:. And it does as far as I can tell, and it works I think - daylight still and clouds so no chances of the 'first light' setup run... Fingers crossed...

But the problem I have - which may be PC generic really - is that any ASCOM stuff I open is not displaying properly in terms of resolution. That means that I can't really see the text in boxes etc... Clicking on buttons is pure guess work...

I run my laptop at native, recommended resolution.

Any tips at all would be highly appreciated!

Below is some of the not so easy to read windows...:)


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Is your PC set to standard fonts 96dpi or large fonts 120dpi? Large fonts in an app that doesn't support scaling will be too big for the controls and make the text overflow just like your screenshot.

Try right clicking the desktop and select Personalization and click 'Adjust Font Size' and see what you have got.


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Thanks John. I think font size was at 96, but applying a 'Medium 125%' general zoom setting I can see all text now, although some other windows appear a bit on the large size...

But you solved the issue! Cheers

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