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tonights moon 01/10/11 waxing cresent


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The pics are a bit small to see good, but it's interesting to see with and without teh moon filter. Seems it gave quite a bit of extra detail. But it could also be because it got overexposed without the filter.

what camera and filter did you use, btw?

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i just put my phone against the eye piece it was a sony erricson cyber shot camera built in to the phone . and the moon filter was a cheap one i brought off amazon Revelation ND96 Premium Moon Filter

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I see. For a simple setup like that it's quite a good image, you could try a higher magnification eyepiece in front of the phone camera. It's often an issue with compact cameraes because it's hard to get the moon right where you want it and hold the camera still for long enough to take the pic, but with a cell phone it's easier to just put the phone camera right on the eyepiece and take the pic nice and steady :D

I did a similar pic with my old phone with a 2Mpixel camera in it and a 90x magnification (10mm eyepiece) and it turned out great.

Was amased by how good pics the phone could take when it focused on a bright object like the moon. Could clearly see all the creaters and so... ;)

But that was without any filters at all though, would be interesting to try the same with a filter. Maybe i'll give it a try one day, if i ever get to buy a moon filter, that is... :D

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