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Skywatcher Quattro F4 tube weights?

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Hi everyone from S.G.L!

Can anyone help on this, I'm looking at the new Skywatcher Quattro F4 reflectors, And I'm looking for the 8" or 10" models for astro-photography, Does anyone know the total tube weights for the 8" and 10" variants both in Carbon fibre and steel tubes?

I'm mostly interested in the steel tubes, prices seem a lot reasonable?

I currently own a NEQ-6 mount, however I'm told by reliable sources that if you want to image, you should go between 50 to 70% of the mount's capacity for imaging.

With the mount I'm adding a Skywatcher ST 80mm refractor as a guide scope used for Autoguiding.

Please can anyone help????:)

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Thanks Philhas for your help!

But I've already tried the the Skywatcher website, And the info appears to be not accurate at all.

For example the 8" carbon fibre tube apparently weighs 1.09Kgs according to skywatcher, I don't think so with those figures, And a lot of the info for the 10 and 12" models the tube weight specs are totally missing???:)

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