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  1. Sounds like a plan, I try not to throw anything out the problem is I am running out of storage!
  2. Have a look at this thread, some useful if not old info. The quick cam pro's are available on ebay for little money. This website has some more info http://webcamastronomy.com/webcams.html
  3. Sitting outside with the bins, M41 looks glorious... Regards from Spain
  4. I had a 130 SLT, not a bad scope but as already mentioned the 102 SLT refractor is probably the one to go for. The 127 you many find a bit heavy for portability and the 130 just a bit big.
  5. 5 on a crystal clear night, more likely 4 on a damp night (wind off the sea). Not bad considering I am on the edge of North Tyneside.
  6. If your not doing any imaging I would stick with what you have and follow Astro Imp's advice Sent from my XT1068 using Tapatalk
  7. Interesting sound including the after sound, I have seen a meteor go over and heard it crackle a split second later. Your sound is like a firework rocket going past, at least we know it wasn't an owl!
  8. Was just in the garage moving some stuff about and came across the Battery Jump starter, luckily was still just in the yellow so peeps get checking yours as the temp at night is falling and it doesn't take much to kill these battery packs.
  9. I use a Manfrotto Junior geared head with Red Snapper Tripod , it carries my F5.5 90mm refractor no problem. I did use a ball head but when I got towards the zenith it just didn't work for me. Sent from my Nexus 7 using Tapatalk
  10. IMHO Windows purely for compatibility or you will end up probably running Windows on your MAC. Regards Phil
  11. Hi Marc, I took the picture of Saturn with a Celestron SLT130 with an SPC900 webcam and a 2 x barlow. I captured the video with Sharpcap and then processed it with avistack. I hope that helps All the best Phil Sent from my Nexus 7 using Tapatalk
  12. Currently I use a 90mm Achro on a photo tripod, I have had and got fed up carrying heavy stuff in an out so now just do grab and go with it along with 15x70 bins. I will probably add a 4" Mak for planets and that's me done. Skies up here in the North East are okay and I am only a couple of miles from some dark skies and 40 miles from http://www.visitkielder.com/play/discover/dark-skies:-)
  13. Got to love text correction....
  14. Where do you live Robin? I am in Whitley Bay, I have had similar looking tracks on my cam and its always planes. I would add that a lot of planes don't show up on flightradar24 so its hard to eliminate them
  15. That trail follows the typical landing approach for Newcastle Airport which is South West to North East South of the river out to the mouth of the Tyne.
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