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very very widefield m57

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well did another one hit go tonight, had litterly 10 mins before slow cloud covered everything

so i took this

1min 10 subs, 5 darks, 1 very bad flats, iso 800, 135mm 5.8f

iv marked where it is

as usual iv included the image from my drop box for any one who would like to play :(

2 things though if some one could explain.... i seem to have difraction spikes.... when i used a lens.... and also the RGB in DSS were neally alligned, it was very close

http://dl.dropbox.com/u/32389220/m37.TIF (for origional file with out marks,)

edit : dropbox wants to take another 2 hrs to upload so i'll have it finish in morning sorry folks! :)


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ahhhhh i didnt know that :( i rather like them my self, but i know some people dont :) thanks peter. i was really really supprised i could see m57 in that picture... its quite faint (althrough i am assuming its where i think it is) but the kson is supprising me every day! 1 star allignment (and it decided the moon was better option) alligned it through the camera viewfinder (the middle square) and it worked perfect! even went back to the moon, then jupitor, and even vega all in the middle square of the camera

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