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Baader, Astronomik, or other?

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Hi all,

I've seen similar threads to this so apologies in advance, but I'm still going round in circles so I figure let's just vent my confusion! I've recently got hold of a DMK21 (with ICX618 mod), and am now after a RGB filter set for planetary imaging (and a wheel of course). So my first problem is getting over the concept that these things cost more than the camera behind them....aaargh!

Anyway, what I really want to know is just how 'bad' the cheaper Baader set is (First Light Optics - Baader RGB Filter Set with IR Cut) - as that's really about the max I was considering, especially as I'll need to get a wheel also. The more expensive set has a load of buzzwords in the description that don't mean much to me, with one exception - parfocal. So - does that mean the poor man's set is categorically NOT parfocal? If so, that sounds like a bit of a showstopper for the likes of Jupiter.

If the consensus is that that particular set wouldn't be suitable for imaging Jupiter, especially, I'd probably be looking at the Astronomik Type 2 jobbies as I've seen some spectacular results with them (and there seem to be more on the used market!) I guess I still have a month or so to come to a conclusion...

I should point out I already have an IR block filter, in case that helps in any way.



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