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Guiding Issues Creeping in!!


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Hi All

when i first got my imaging equipment, (HEQ5 mount and QHY5 auto guider) i could guide for 20mis at F10. I am now struggling for 4-5mins. I not sure if the timings coincide but I extended the USB cable from my autoguider to laptop with a 6m extension kit. Could this be causing the problem? the extension cable has an inline booster for the signal but was not very expensive.

any thoughts?



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I'd suspect the extension, yes.

Other factors can be the brightness of the background sky, clearly worse at the moment and in the moonlight, the proximity of the object to the celestial equator and the horizon (both make it harder) and any small changes to balance or stiffness in the system. Treble check for flexure. Your mount might also have developed a bit more backlash in use. Polar alignment still good?


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