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  1. I don't think you have a focus problem - they all look sharp to me. I think the 'problem' is one of exposure. Because of the large Dynamic Range of the Moon you may need to combine two exposures - one under and one over exposed. Have a look at this Compositing 2 Different Exposures via Layer Masks Cheers, Tony
  2. Thanks Anna - your video's are very useful. The time and effort this must have taken is deeply appreciated. The description of PS as an 800 lb gorilla is well founded Cheers, Tony
  3. My HEQ5 pro has backlash in the dec axis too - I bias the balance so that it's eyepiece end slightly heavy. Tony
  4. Don't get your hopes up - there's no mention of finding liquid water on Mars: "A sequence of images from the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter show many long, dark "tendrils" a few metres wide." Could be caused by anything
  5. Nice shot - what camera and settings did you use? Cheers, Tony
  6. Fantastic work Olly - like opening 'the door' and peeking inside - if you get my drift. Tony
  7. VERY impressive - I quite like the blue - wondeful detail.
  8. TFC

    First DSO

    Thanks Olly - I'll be using your excellent images as a yardstick. Can't wait to have a go at the horsehead Cheers, Tony
  9. TFC

    First DSO

    Slightly better perhaps. I assume that capturing more subs increases the signal/noise ratio which allows more stretching in PS??? Cheers, Tony
  10. TFC

    First DSO

    Thanks again Ben - I didn't think you were being patronising I'll open in in PS again and see what I can see Cheers, Tony
  11. TFC

    First DSO

    Thanks Ben. That's what thought you meant. However, after I originally adjusted the levels the histogram became tight against the left hand side - no more room to adjust. I'll open the attachement up again in PS to see if there's more room, as you obviously did. After I did the basics in PS and turned it from a tif (out of DSS) into a jpg - I then opened it in Phase 1, Capture 1 and can then adjust the WB to get rid of the 'orange' glow from the LP. Thanks for your help Cheers, Tony
  12. TFC

    First DSO

    Wow - thanks Ben. How did you do that! Tony
  13. My first attempt at a DSO last night with my new Ikharus 102 f7. Olympus E-3 at ISO 800 2 x 4min lights and darks stacked in DSS Unguided and focus pure guesswork Adjusted in Capture 1.4 and C3 Not much detail, which is quite disapointing - so a long way to go Cheers, Tony
  14. Just come inside. M31, Pleiadies, Jupiter and Mizar - small potatoes really Quite a few meteorites about tonight. Uploaded the data, but it'll have to wait for later - off to bed. First light with my Ikahrus 102mm f7 APO and a Hyperion 17mm - boy what a NICE EP! Cheers, Tony
  15. Basically a Polar Alignment scope allows you to set the mount so that the stars are tracked correctly. The finder scope allows you to aim the telescope - a bit like a telescopic sight on a rifle. Cheers Tony
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