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calibration of mono CCD for planetary ??


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What calibration? I just shoot at high histogram fill if possible, usually around 2000 frames. Then everyhting to castrator & autostakkert. Raw stacks processed in AstraImage + RGB, *RGB in that app. If needed auto-color-correction and noise reduction in Nebulosity2.

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Well TBH Rik that's what I've always done ! Just try to get as much as possible and shoot for 3x equal times, but I got to wondering if there's another way similar to the DSO approach ? You know? shoot 3x different length avi's to make up for the short fall in histo and SN ratio , if that makes sense. I suppose I'm trying to see if a little more of the subjective colour balance can be taken OUT of the equation and pushing more toward a more "natural" colour .

If I'm talking out of my B-side just say so:icon_scratch:

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