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Baader or Astronomik narrowband filters?

Black Knight

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Hi all,

I am currently pondering whether to go Astronomik or Baader for 1.25" narrowband filters. I see FLO are selling a set of Baaders for £245 here First Light Optics - Baader Narrowband CCD Filters 1.25". Even without the Hb filter, an equivalent Astronomik set would cost around £360.

I currently own a set of Astronomik LRGB type II filters. Would I be better off going all-Astronomik, or perhaps selling my Astronomik LRGB filters, replacing them with Baader LRGB and going all-Baader? Or alternatively, how feasible is it to mix'n'match LRGB and narrowband from different manufacturers?

Am I right in thinking that filters from one manufacturer are parfocal with each other? i.e. Baader LRGB are parfocal with Baader narrowband filters, and Astronomik LRGB are parfocal with with Astronomik narrowband filters?

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I don't see any reason not to mix NB from one with LRGB from another. I don't find the Baader NB totally parfocal with the Baader LRGBs I use.

I have an Astronomik 13 Ha and a Baader 7 Ha. I prefer the contrast of the Baader and find the quality excellent, free from reflection and halo. If they are cheaper as well, I'd opt for those.


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I don't find the Baader NB totally parfocal with the Baader LRGBs I use.

I use (and love) all Baader filters, LRGB and Ha, Oiii, Sii. They are very nearly parfocal, how much they vary will depend on your imaging scope, but in any case you will be very close to focus whichever filter you choose, and it is best practice to refocus on a filter change anyway.

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