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  1. I adjust the levels as I've seen in tutorials. After that I play with curves.
  2. This is the example of what I see in DSS as end result. Totally different then my Saved Tiff file. I run DSS on a mac using VMware Fusion 4
  3. I'm not touching anything. I also notice that the end result i see in DSS has more stars then the saved picture. I'm very confused
  4. The star count is set to 2% and it give a rate of +200 stars
  5. Hello, Last night I took 150pics of 15 sec looking like this All together in DSS it looks like this What goes wrong here. I'm confused. I saved the DSS result and put it into CS5 to edit but as soon as I play with it, banding shows up. Any ideas. I've been out a few times now and the end results are putting me off.
  6. captured this last night at 9:21pm. It was very bright. Came out of nowhere and dissapeared again. This shot is a 15 sec exposure. First I thought it was a plane but I'm not sure.
  7. I'm a newbie myself. My ISO was set to 800, f3.5, exposure of 10 sec. ( both). These were single shots btw
  8. 2 shots I took the other day. Orion Venus and Jupiter
  9. Hello, I'm going out tonight and try to capture pictures of the milky way. I have a canon 50D, tripod and shutter release. How do I do this? High iso, focus on infinity, lowest f number, What exposure is best? thanks
  10. I recently start working with mac. What programs can I use on a mac. I used to work with deepsky stacker but don't think it will work now. Steve
  11. Digi-Steve

    Hi everyone

    Hi and welcome to SGL
  12. Digi-Steve

    Hey everyone

    Hi and welcome to SGL
  13. Digi-Steve

    Hi everyone

    Hi and welcome to SGL
  14. I took a wide field picture on the 8th and the galaxy is showing up. http://stargazerslounge.com/imaging-image-processing-help-techniques/124460-widefield-image-first-time.html
  15. I visited the club last night. Very friendly people. They had a few observing party's going on. Some real talented people there who can show me a lot. I will visit them again.
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