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  1. I really cant find any products to buy randomly except the one list above. I guessing that 99% of amateur radio telescopes are home made.
  2. Thanks people for all the cool info, would love to sit down with a cuppa some time and pick someones brains
  3. Hello all so is the event this weekend or the one gone?
  4. Thanks everyone for some great info. I think when I next have some time I might see if I can get my iPad to talk to it. It's only a thought at the mo as there is no way I leaving a pc and scope in the garden lol. It's open planned
  5. Thanks for a great reply. I guessing this is not something that appears on eBay or in maplins. Any links to equipment? Graphs are cool!
  6. I wish the sky would clear in the south east!
  7. I got star walk and solar walk but there seems to be quite a few others out there.
  8. I completely enjoyed the whole series! Wish more was on (maybe there is but I dont know about it)
  9. Since watching Stargazer live (I very new) I am getting some crazy idea's. Primarly I am a software developer who had a bit of a hobby building computer controllered robots out of Lego (NXT's and advance sensors) and the odd search engine (This is based on my lust for data)! Anyway, I got a telescope for xmas because I am of course interested in the sky and like the idea of controlling it from my PC (Its has a Sky-Watcher SynScan AZ GoTo which can be controlled via Stellarium (NexStar protocol)) However I want to remotely control it, now of course it would be fitted with a webcam and thats pretty simple to stream but has anyone (sure you have) written anything to removely control the scope? Could be great fun
  10. Dont know how it works but truely amazing!
  11. Hello all Might be a completely crazy question (I am very new) but can you buy amater equipment to pick up different wave frequency etc like the showed on Stargazing Live (BBC)
  12. burf2000

    ITX PC

    Sorry to ask a question but quite interested in is. I have a stargazer az goto mount which has a serial port etc. Any recommendations of controlling it remotely e.g via a webpage or even a sdk? I am a developer etc. My aim would be to control it via my iPad lol
  13. Did anyone see it tonight and if so what was the name of that online telescope service?
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