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  1. Wow this topic became popular didn't it lol they have bought him the pocket sky atlas and turn left at orions belt and I got the calendar as stated, have to say think i'm getting into it too. Thanks for everyones help on this and the telescope. Have a Great Christmas.
  2. Thanks for the help on the book front guys i'll passed on your suggestions so many to choose from, told them to get the pocket sky book but any of the others should do they all look similar and worth having to me. I've also bought the Stargazers calendar whilst on Amazon myself thought it might get the kids interested in it having a calendar up in the kitchen says it does monthly guides also. Thanks again for your help everyone.
  3. Thanks I'll mention the pocket sky atlas just found it on Amazon he has loads of hard back books so this should be ideal to take out with him portable etc. Thanks
  4. Hi I've been asked by my parents for ideas for the husband, they haven't a clue, as I've bought him a new telescope thanks to the help of this forum, I thought perhaps a Sky atlas would be good idea. Could anyone recommend a decent one Thanks
  5. All purchased thanks FLO I'll pass on this forum to my husband who I'm sure it going to be delighted.
  6. Hi Flo just tried to call you guy to purchase, due to the reviews and the generous offer with the confusion earlier I'd be silly not to purchase. left message as answer machine was on. Hope to speak soon, P.s I'm certain after all the help from this forum that my husband will love the present. Thanks all.
  7. Would there be any issues if i purchased the item and had to delivered to my parents not sure i could hide it in our house and we'd be going there for Christmas day. Does it need to be signed by myself as the purchaser?
  8. Hi FLO I think a major misunderstand has happened, I was discussing the Barlow with him and from the conversation made no reference to that fact that the one on your site included this also. Its confusing for a newbie to read through what is included and to now see it included assume its not there, I had no idea it would be and that's what I was wanting to verify. Thanks
  9. someone said above all skywatchers come with barlows but I can't see them in the description from any other site? and the bloke on the phone didn't mention that they included one from First optics, just said he wouldn't match it as they'd make a loss didn't really like how he laughed at me asking the question in the first place.
  10. Just contacted First optics to see if they would offer it at the same price with the Barlow and he just laughed at me down the phone and said no! go buy it from them if you want. I explained I was told they offer a price match and he said don't know who told you that be we won't match that price we'd be offering it at a loss is that it. I was shocked and said yet thanks hung off.
  11. Is the only issue with the other company the length of time it takes to post the item? any other reasons I shouldn't purchase Thanks!
  12. So I should buy from them for the same price including postage as the other without the 2 x barlow. Or would you suggest I still buy from them and pay the extra 30 pounds to buy the barlow. ?
  13. P.s the one above included free postage where as the original would also have 7.99 postage on top so no real difference in price, just want to make sure it is the same scope. After reading over the discription the only extra is the 2x Barlow which makes the lenses more by maginfying them by 2. I think I should get this one now after reading through again. The Barlow is listed as 29.99 on other sites, would anyone recommend purchasing from this new website. Thanks.
  14. Hi Guys just found this one Sky Watcher EXPLORER-130P 130mm (5.1") f/650 Parabolic Newtonian Reflector seems to come with more optics / eye pieces and also includes x2 Barlow lens that I couldn't see listed on the original one when I looked back. The price is 10 pounds more. Advice please? looking to buy today. Thanks everyone. Just want to get it right.
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