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  1. I also am entering into trying to track without paying the nigh on £300. I have bought loads of arduino kit and steppers from China and 4 old laser printers ( 99p each ) to disassemble for cogs and such. It seems to be a varied learning curve involving carpentry, engineering and computer coding. Must get one finished for Astrocamp in May to take advantage of dark skies. Good luck with your build.
  2. I too have heard this and I Know where this information came from first hand and is 100% reliable and not scuttlebut.
  3. Hello Lee I was there from the 16th, Blue rectangle. Had a great week and spent too much time at the East slope bar and not enough sleep, The end of course drink was ***** but wish I'd gone to bed after instead of a party. Yet to start the ema as I have to finish sxr207 tma by Wednesday, a lot tougher than sxr103. I went to Durham on the 6th of August for that one (Last ever SXR207). Sussex crack was better and nearer. I missed all the rioting, Could have done with a 6 inch refactor. (Joking. Flog the scum.)
  4. Hello I have just registered for S282 and 283. I am down for the B27 Physics degree but do not think that I will complete all the required modules in time, so it will be the natural sciences for me, I have completed S104 (great course) and attended sxr103 and sxr207 (results pending) and also done two 10 pointers (maths for science and science starts here). Originally I was going down the physics route but since I did s104 and bought a telescope I have found that my interest has veered towards Astronomy/Astrophysics but still need good physics modules as my main aim is to teach science. Its
  5. I bought one of these last week, great value for for a newbie like myself and very portable when hunting for an unobstructed view in my local area.
  6. Great day, great tutorials. Felt at home with many kindred spirits. All the talks hit the spot for a beginner. Thanks to all involved Mark
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