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  1. i have a flextube dob,and had an eq mounted scope before it. i have to agree with what has been said. one option,if you choose to go down the eq route is a set of wilcox rings.either make some,or buy some.
  2. zuni

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    i registered here awhile back but have not as yet posted here. i live in scotland and have been into astronomy since a kid, although not seriously until a couple of years ago. i'm also a member of another forum,i'm a moderator there,but thought i'd also join a uk based one. looking forward to taking part here and helping folk when and wherever i can. zuni.
  3. the revelation kit you mention is from gso. i have the kit and rate it.while they are pretty well priced,the ep's in it are better than their price suggests. be aware that gso supply the likes of s/w,celestron,meade, orion and so on.they rebrand them and sell at a higher price. in the kit you will also get a 1.5X and 2X barlow combination. well worth the money for the kit imo. zuni.
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