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  1. Antx

    Annoying !

    I feel your pain
  2. Hi Richard I live in south Devon but am in Cornwall most weekends on the family farm. I do most of my viewing on Dartmoor (I live in the park itself) at various key points I am looking to do some viewing down on the farm as the skies are excellent as well. We may have to meet up some time.................
  3. I use Stellarium at home for research and for getting coordinates. In the field I use sky and telescope pocket sky atlas. The pocket atlas is excellent, I bought it following several recommendations; it has not disappointed. Incidentally; it contains printed telrad circles so you plan your starhopping for use with your telrad finder
  4. Thank you very much for that I will start my homework this evening Any advise regarding the canon 1000d with the 200p/deluxe Barlow/baader hyperion eyepeices would be very much appreciated Thank you for time
  5. Is this something you can do yourself or is it a "shop" job?
  6. Hi I am about to take my first tentative steps into astro imaging after casual viewing for 3 years on my 200p I have hopefully got a 1000d on the way can any body explain what the "modding" is all about?
  7. my sympathies! my little boy yanked my big zoom binos on to the floor when he was going for the cat. i had to run out of the house, put my fist in my mouth and cry like a girl (that taught me to leave them out again.........)
  8. Hi I have the 200p on an EQ5 I have been completely impressed since i first got it out of the box 3 years ago following 2 years on a smaller, less sturdy newt/EQ rig I have added new eye pieces etc and am now looking at axis motors to nail tracking I am a newbie but have to say that this scope/mount does all the important stuff extremely well (light gathering, image quality, mechanical quality etc) you could spend the same money on a fancy goto scope and then wish you had a larger aperture to see more The 200p/EQ5 rig can be built on and you get to learn from the ground up, you can always add the motors or goto to it later (i have really enjoyed the whole star atlas, setting circles & collimation journey) You will not be disappointed with this scope! hope this helps
  9. welcome to the forum I would love to see some of your work!!!!!
  10. Hi John thank you for your feed back and the link to your excellent review sorry if this a bit 'yesterday'; i am a newbie on the learn I think am going to get a couple more EPs in the hyperion range............
  11. Hi John what are your thoughts on the baader hyperion 5mm? I have purchased one recently and have been really chuffed with it on my 200p this is my first EP purchase after my stock EPs i guess you are testing some heavy weights there.............
  12. The sky is mocking me! little windows of awesome sky moving in a sea of....well....... cloud it looked really good as i finished work grrrrrrrrrrrrr
  13. I use the 200p and will do a collimation check on each outing I have used a laser from the outset and have been very happy with it. I love the fact that you can concentrate on primary mirror adjustment without having to reach round from the eyepiece. I rarely have to correct the secondry mirror but will tweak the primary on every other session, especially if I have had to do a trip in the car (just enough knocks to upset things) I found that the laser made the whole process so quick and easy; I have ended up checking/tweaking as a habit:icon_salut:
  14. I would be very interested in how you get on with this as I am also looking at getting a motor drive set for my EQ5
  15. :headbang:Thanks for the heads up We are all south dartmoor. I live in national park itself, my garden faces east across the moor and is a great for astronomy (milky way is clearly visible) we also go further into the interior for some super black viewing. We are very lucky with our location, it would be cool to get the guns out with some others down here
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