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  1. Sorry for the long message , just trying to set the scene . When i get home tonight i'll try posting an image up . Do you want the example from DSS or after PP in PS7 ? The core shows fair barely but the out skirts are extrmely dim to nothing . Should i shoot at f/4-f/4.5 instead of f/7.1 ? I think i shot the first at f/4 but it was almost blowed out . Not sure i kept it :) .

  2. Hey everyone got a question i'm getting real puzzled about . Past Friday night i had an imaging session with my XSi and a 70-200mm f/4L . I shot 27 exposers including 12 DF exposers . I took random exposer times , few 5 , 3 , 2 & 1 min exposers and most were at f/7.1 . Afterwards i used DSS to register and stack . However in the out come i still did not have a picture worth posting . Either it's my PP or i just don't seem to know what i'm doing anymore . I've never been really good at PP but i did expect M31 to at least come out decent with the time exposers i had . All together it's over 30-45 min exposer , can't remember exactly cause i'm at work and images are at home computer . I PB this camera top my C8 on a EQ5 mount with tracking motors and probably had the best PA i've had all year . So had none or very little trailing to see . What does everyone here use for Reg & Stacking and PP with ?? Also is f/7.1 a bad idea ? My skies use to be 4.0-4.5 but now are probably 5-6 with LP . That night tho i had a moonless , perfectly clear night . So i'm really dissappointed that i can't get my Andromeda M31 to come out . Any advice here what to do or DSS ppl here ? Thanks in advance alot !

    Ok here is a sample of what i'm not satisfied with .I changed it to jpeg for posting here cause i couldn't find rules for pict size . What di you think , should i be able to get more out of this or am i doing something wrong ?

    EDIT : I went back and re-reg and re-stacked all images and changed a few settings in DSS and i finally was able to bring out some more however not sure exactly how it looks and it still has some gradient i can't seem to remove without clipping the black point . Whats your input and any suggestions on how to make this better ?? Thanks again !



  3. Congrats to you for some fine observing ! I have always advised ppl to not let imaging get in the way of using your scope . Observing is as or more important than imaging cause it allows you to get to know the night sky and all the DSOs' . I use to observe alot more than i imaged mainly because i'm not a very good imager and i have basic equipment but now i do less because the LP has doubled here as to what it use to be 5 yrs ago :eek: .

  4. I've had a pair for several years now . Got them for christmas :eek: . I have totally enjoyed mine . Your pretty much straight on with your review tho . Jupiter is extremely bright reason no color shows up . That brightness brings out the CA in the binocs but for the incredible views it gives especially in very dark sites more than makes up for the CA cause in dark skies the CA isn't as bad except on the moon and even then it's minimum . Heavy yes after a short period . I have a HD tripod i mount mine on using the tripod attachment . Shakes alot still but when it settles down it's a great view . In middle December i have seen the Adromeda galaxie in it's full when it's really dark and i must say it's quite a view ! The Orion neb i can see as a whole also and it's magnificant to view with these binocs . Don't be dissappointed if your in a LP area or on a clear Full Moon night cause these binocs absorb alot of light and if LP is bad then your going to get alot of glare but when you get out in a dark skie your gonna get your socks blowed off , i promise !

  5. WOW , Thanks again everyone for the warm welcome ! I've certainly enjoyed the images here even tho i may not have commented much yet but i will eventually . Seems work always causes me problems :eek: .

  6. Thanks everyone for the welcome ! Look forward to seeing alot of images here . I'm about off to work but as i mentioned most of you will be off line when i'm on but will keep posting . Have a great day !

  7. I'm a bit far away from most of you and probably sleeping when everyone here is awake or vice-versa . Was given a link from Freff . I hope thats his handle here if not i got it wrong :mad: . Been scoping since about 97' when i started buying first scopes and final was a CelestronC8 EQ5 SCT . Regular tracking motors tho , still haven't bought me a go-to yet . Perhaps someday . Haven't been able to do alot of scoping the last 3 yrs due to health problems with the wife but have managed a few times . Love to image but time runs short on that for me and i'm not very good with basic equip . If you like visit my website when you have a chance , i have a few you might like and a few you might make fun of but one thing i do is when i observe i have fun , not work . I do some other photography such as birding at times and landscape but actually what ever catches my eye and i have a camera thats what i shoot :) ! Enough of me for now , i'll just start checking out the site here and see all the great images i haven't seen before . Have Fun !

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