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  1. I spoke to the nice people at 365Astronomy this morning and cancelled my order. However, the very nice man called his European Skywatcher distributor and told me that they will have the Skywatcher AZ5 Heavy duty tripod in three months time! @FLO will you be stocking this?
  2. Damn! I even called and asked and they said it was! I should have known it was too easy.
  3. Is this the heavy duty version of the AZ5 mount? https://www.365astronomy.com/365astronomy-az5-tripod-only-compatible-with-eq3-eq5-and-skytee-mounts.html?gclid=Cj0KCQiA5t7UBRDaARIsAOreQticWYa9nFzfzwPNwUTenJg1uIVRYvw7fdbQVTB6EwQIScr4AzKegssaAn7kEALw_wcB Edit: It turns out that it is the heavy duty version of the AZ5 mount and that it increases the payload of the mount to 9KG. So I bought it, fast! Woohoo!!!
  4. With my outdoor thermometer reading a chilly -4.3 Degrees Celsius (and still going down) I find myself becoming a teensy bit paranoid about my new refractor's objective lens (which is outside, in the shed in the aforementioned case). I suspect I'm worrying for nothing but just in case, I'm asking you guys. Am I worried for nothing?
  5. @davyludo Thanks for sharing your first hand experience, that is really helpful! Just a couple of questions: Firstly, what exactly is stiction? Secondly, when you talk about the 1.75" Steel tripod, do you mean the one they sell with the HEQ5 mount? Based on a rubbish picture online there seems to be a deepish inset in the centre of the tripod top designed for the HEQ5. Is that not a problem with the AZ5 that has a flat under-surface that links straight to the standard mount? I'm tempted to buy one if I can be sure it's a good fit. It sounds like the AZ5 is fine but 1) the standard tripod is not good for a heavier 'scope and 2) I didn't even try to balance it and it was fairly front heavy which will almost certainly have contributed to the severe shake at high mag when trying to focus. It has been around ten years since I last used a Refractor on a mount. I've been using a Skyliner 200p Dobsonian with its customary rock solidness. It sounds like I don't need to return the AZ5 which is a relief, I just need a better tripod and balancing.
  6. You are all as always, Gentlemen/Ladies and Scholars. I spoke to Martin today who was very helpful. There are a few things I'm going to try on my next outing before I consider returning it, Martin was very understanding and said that I can have a play around before deciding. If I have to return it I won't be mucking about this time, I'll just buy the Skytee 2
  7. It wasn't actually a critique of you guys. I know you have a returns policy, unfortunately because I received the Mount a month before the telescope I threw away the packaging that the mount came in assuming that all will be well...rookie mistake, I know. I even asked about the weight because I was intending to put on a finder scope which would add weight and I was worried... Live and learn. I'm going to experiment some more, like trying to focus with the locks disengaged so that the wobble isn't communicated so forcefully to the mount. I'll also try work the focuser back and forth to loosen it because it's pretty tight at the moment. I will say this though, I do not recommend this mount with the Startravel 120.
  8. I have an AZ5 on the stock SW tripod which I use with my Startravel 120. At higher magnification the wobble is so bad I can't focus properly. I'm going to have to experiment some more (I've only just bought them) but I'm a little worried that the mount can't handle the 'scope even though it was recommended by FLO.
  9. Thank you laudropb! I just ordered this beauty: https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B0092KW7JG/ref=od_aui_detailpages00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 What made me buy it? This answered question on the product: Perfect!
  10. What do we think about this bag? Will it fit the chunky Startravel 120? https://www.amazon.co.uk/Meade-Instruments-Polaris-127-130mm-Telescope/dp/B01D30WQC8/ref=pd_sbs_421_5?_encoding=UTF8&psc=1&refRID=B4D957WE4MY1WSZ9EJAR
  11. Yes, something didn't add up there. So, one bag for the telescope and finder scope and one bag for the tripod and AZ5?
  12. I bought the Geoptik case for the AZ5 mount. It was the wrong bag and they don't make a bag for that mount so it will have to do for now. I was looking at the Orion cases, is it really possible to fit the Telescope and the tripod?! Surely not?
  13. Yes, a cardboard box! I wish Skywatcher made cases for their telescopes!
  14. I have just bought (I bought it in January and the 'scope just arrived today) a Skywatcher Startravel 120mm Refractor together with an AZ5 Mount & Portable Tripod as a Grab & Go Telescope. The problem is that I am really struggling to find a decent quality storage/transport bag or hard case that will fit it. Not to mention the AZ5 and the tripod! I mistakenly bought one of the Geoptik bags for what turned out to be the wrong mount but I'm making it work by putting the mount in its cardboard box together with the extension and the flexible slow mo controls in their boxes to fill out the case and that'll do for now. The telescope however is a chunky beast (to which I added a Finder scope, not fond of red dot sight) and I am desperate for bag or case that will fit it. I cannot leave the telescope set up so it has to be put away each time and good cases/storage bags will make the world of difference to taking the telescope to darker skies and keeping it safe at home. Do any of you own this telescope (and mount)? Have you found a good case that you can recommend? Please let me know!
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