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  1. Thank You both, how do i feel now.... As soon as i read the replies....i realised...yes the date, despite it being made quite clear in the instructions...i entered ddmyy...But i have changed date and works ok without alignment...which cannot do as it is cloudy...just my luck, BUT last evening we were able to get it positioned to see jupiter very clearly 6"sct on EQ5...next port of call tracking for a photo, i guess i will be back more questions. Thanks for the help very much appreciated, can you help with clear skies. Shaun
  2. Evening all, been away for a while deciding on Astronomy, spend or not, quite expensive hobby. Well i have got a new EQ5 goto, set it up co-ord etc, last night tried to go to Jupiter, and it promptly took me to the East pointing to about 3 oclock. I reset all settings moving from east of timeline to west, or vise versa so confused now i dont remember where i am, but still the same, when i went to another object it pointed to the east side but to 5 oclock....even i know thats wrong. So resorted to the binoculars... I have tried to fathom reason, but cannot sort it.......is there some kind sole
  3. Well, all you can comment on is your experiences, mine all good to date, but look at their actions, sorting it out in the thread, what customer service...lol Discounts always greatfully recieved...lol:p
  4. Yes normally quite quickly, you will get a reply noting it has been received and a number. Excellent delivery & service i have found.
  5. Ordered Friday 25th Feb, late morning, delivered Mon 28th Feb before 10.15am, what a service & praise must also go to the company who delivers for them. Very pleased with the items Great Service all the way. Thanks
  6. The bins are good, i got a scope, not too good, so got advise from "FLO" and another i got a Celestron C6 just the tube now saving for a mount. The other one came from Internet, its ok but not as expected, but i have sorted a few of the problems now waitng for a clear night!!! To see things clearly, and i assume you mean large, closer, advise will be needed from those more experienced. Reading the threads you can get quite a good scope n mount for a reasonable price. I am sure the travelscope will come in handy for something. Good luck
  7. I am sure someone here will be able to help, what is the problem?
  8. Take a look at the two links, this may give soem help, but you can download free software Sharpcap, wxAstrocapture, craterlet, then you may need Registax for stacking the frames. Webcam Astrophotography Tutorial for Planets|AstroPhotography Tonight http://www.astronomycameras.com/en/assets/200712_AstroPhoto_Insight.pdf
  9. Try these two links they may help! http://www.astronomycameras.com/en/assets/200712_AstroPhoto_Insight.pdf Webcam Astrophotography Tutorial for Planets|AstroPhotography Tonight
  10. Hi Ian, Not too sure about that, but i had good views of M42via binoculars, really clear, 17x50s. I find Orion an amazing place and always end back there!! Can find Jupiter in scope with 25mm, EP, but with Light Polution etc it is a struggle, you possibly struggle the same.!
  11. One vote for the Celestron Skymasters 15x70 i really enjoy using them...when i can get them off the wife & son. Also consider Revelation 15x70 Binocular from FLO same as celestron at £50 Revelation Shaun
  12. All looks complicated, i dont do electrics..lol, but reading the link you gave to wcrmac, it doesnt have to be a modded webcam, mine spc880 or 800 flashed to 900, i assume as most, with no SC mods, could be set to RAW, by following the instructions for a colour ccd chip...or i assume so, or have i misunderstood...time to get my son involved being younger he may understand more than me. I420 & YUY2 are codec, the later being the newest, yet to discover if the codec YUY2 (RAW) will work with AVI. As you say it can take over, do you knwo anything about eyepieces...have asked a couple of q's b
  13. So Alun, you use a further modded cam, i got the norm, from morgans pre-flashed, so this would just record in AVI? I have searched but couldn't find answers, did you do the mod yourself? I am yet to capture anything on mine, tried but couldnt get the settings, so nothing on the screen, i have been given this site below, you might get something of there, maybe usefull, Stark Labs i await the results of your googling..lol, you are always welcome to PM me. Shaun
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