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  1. Hej all, i have a first generation eq8 mount from Skywatcher/Orion call it what you want. The problem is that the encoder wheel on dec and ra axes are damaged ; the encoder strips that are placed on the wheels have faded and need replacement. Because of this, the motors stop slewing when the corrupted encoder strips pass underneath the laser/ detector chip to which the mount emits a loud continuous noise. My question, where can i find such a replacement encoder wheel or a strip of encoder marks? Thanks for reading
  2. Hi, I don't seem to be able to catch any decent picture whatsoever with my Atik 314 L CCd camera. I'm a complete newcomer to imaging so i guess this is no surprise. But so far, I have found no answers to my problems on the internet . The problem is I always get either a black screen or a white screen when imaging. Usually, there are vertical lines in white or black which hang from the top of the image. I have tried imaging in daylight and at night. I have tried imaging with and without telescope. Same result. I'm using a 12 inch newtonian as a platform with a focal lenth of 1500mm F/4.9. What am i doing wrong? Is it linked to the expose/capture/ color balance settings? Do I need extensions to my telescope or focal reducers? The manual of the camera doesn't clear up things at all.
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