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  1. Hi Chris, I love the look of your box. Could you let me know where you found the power supply and the actual container box? I currently use a PC power supply with a multiway plug but as I've added componants its getting quite messy so am in the process of replanning the whole thing. Cheers. Chris
  2. Hi Guys, I have been looking through the threads on here and am a bit confused... I purchased a TTL-232R-5V from FTDI as discussed. I then spliced on a CAT5 cable as follows:- Black to Pin 4 (RJ45blue) Yellow to Pin 5 (RJ45bluewhite) Orange to Pin 6 (RJ45green) I then plugged this directly into the synscan EQ5 where the handset normally plugs in and powered it on. The PC is recognising the device as COM6. Ive tried to force it to use the drivers from the FTDI site but windows insist that the correct drivers are working.... I use EQASCOM_RUN but the main ascom window just flashed off and on e
  3. Hello there, Firstly can I say thanks for creating a great utility!! I'm using it all the time for my imaging and its great! I recently purchased a Skywatcher autofucser and the FCUSB device ftom shoestring. When I try and fire it up in sharpcap it comes up saying cannot create the focuser FCUSB.Focuser because: Object reference not set to an instance of an object. I don't suppose you could point me in the right direction for a fix could you? Thanks again Chris
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