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  1. hi, i got my self a synscan controller over xmas but it didnt come with a cable , does anyone know what sort of cable it would be? p.s im useing it with a heq5 mount if that makes any differance cheers
  2. hi , cheers for all your replys i get the impression that i should get a 13mm or a 8mm and the tuning rings , which thinking about it sounds like the best idea. iv looked at the TMB's and had a long think about , even though i will be able to get a couple of them i think i will stick with the hyperion. reason for this is because in a 2 or 3 weeks i will get a a second hyperion. so i dont really see the point ' now thinking about it ' in spending £100 on a couple of EP's that i wont be useing in a couple of months time. just need to think about if i should get the 8mm or the 13mm now
  3. hi, im starting to upgrade my eyepeice set , and woundering if a 5mm Baader Hyperion 68 degree eyepiece is worth while . atm im useing the stock eyepeices that came with my SW 200p newt. but they arnt very good . i live in the uk and the weather isnt very good most of the time , and i heard that 5mm wount be very good due to the weather conditions. is this true ? i would like to get 2 eyepieces , 1 for planetry and one for dso to start with but seeing as i only have £100 after buying a fightcase i dont have much money left. so should i stick with gettin a 5mm ? or if you know of 2 resonably good ep's i could get for £100 quid please let me know cheers -hugh
  4. i also am having a problem with conneting my camera to my 200p. i own a lumix G10 , which is also a micro 4/3 , the same as the lumix G1 , i belive. so i cant help you but i will be keeping a eye out on your thread for the answer, cus i have no idea what sort of abapator to get as well.
  5. ok i got it working , not usre what sequence of buttons it was , need to work that one out. but at least its working . cheers everyone
  6. ok cheers for your replys, i made a mistake its not synscan its syntrek. now i have pressed the fast button like its says to do to slew to an object , but when i press the arrow keys it still doesnt move.
  7. hi, now i have just got my self a 200p HEQ5 synscan , thi is my first proper scope so i could be worrying about nothing. i have followed the instuctions thats came with the mount but i cant seem to see the mount moveing when useing the synscan controller. are you ment to use he synscan to move across the sky to differant objects ? or are the motor only for very small movements and you wont be able to pick up the movements with the naked eye ? also the motors are making some faint squeeking noises, is this normal ?
  8. true but i really didnt have the spair cash to buy it, after buying a crappy car and other things. But i will be updating my equipment every chance get, so im not too fussed atm
  9. yep cheers, expensive was the word i was after. i never bother proof reading my typeing . so the odd word comes out wronge
  10. well just ordered my new scope , i will tryout the EP's that come with the scope. im sure they will be fine for now until i get the hang of everything. I will pop into plymouth some point this week to pick up a powertank, i dont really mind if it comes with jump leads. you never know when the old banger will play up and i might need them. cheers for everyones advice and help, much appreciated. lets hope for clear skys this weekend
  11. ah nice i didnt have a good look , so at that price i might get it. im going to be borrowing the book from the space center next week. so i will have a good read through it before makeing my mind up. yer im really enjoying the course so far, at least now its made me get off my *** and go do something that i have been intrested in for years. even though it is an expansive hobby to get into.
  12. cheers , i wasnt thinking . will nip into town tomoz and pick one up.
  13. cheers pvaz, yer my budget isnt that high as i have just spend it all on a new scope , yer i will be checking out the eyepieces that come with scope before i buy new ones. just needed to know what i would need if i got a new set. also im not fussed on edge correction on eyepieces atm cus im just starting out. cheers for the advice m8, anyone know how much power i will need to power the mount for several hours ? will this do ? Power - Skywatcher PowerTank 7Ah
  14. 'not sure if this is the right place for this thread, so sorry if it isnt and go ahead and move my thread if needed'. hi, after a few weeks of thinking and asking around here and asking my astronomy teacher i have desided on what my first telescope will be . im going to get a : Skywatcher Explorer 200P HEQ5 PRO Reflectors - Skywatcher Explorer 200P HEQ5 PRO now im not sure on what sort accessories i will be needing. i will be useing the scope for astrophotography and observation for the moment. 1. what size power suppy i will be needing ? i will need something that can keep the mount going for several hours 2. eyepieces ? it does come with a few but not sure if they are anygood , i would like some that will allow me to do deep-sky and planetary observation. i have looked at the stickys on SGL about eyepieces but its just going over my head. 3. anything else that i will think that i will need, that i cant think of . will be ordering scope & accessories tomoz. Yay:D
  15. cheers olly, those astronomy notes are great , and just checked out 'Universe' seems good but £45 off amazon so i will ask my astronomy and physics teacher tomoz to see if the space center has one i can borrow . if not then i will buy the book myself. cheers
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