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  1. Celestron SkyMaster Astronomical 20x80mm Giant Binocular i think this is a fair review on the celestron 20x80 .. telescopes are brilliant dont get me wrong , however i find these easy to grab and go than i did with my celestron nexstar 102 , for the casual viewer may i suggest binos, for the more serious it has to telescopes or both if you can afford it
  2. Why this is so is not known ...thats the question ...nice reply tho olly good reading thankyou
  3. Earths Gravity is strong enuff to have a tremendous pull on the moon , whereas down on little old earth its very weak....in short where does it all come from and why is it so weak here on earth ?
  4. Thanks John at this moment well happy looked at others better but more more dosh , and for the money it looks like they do what it says on the tin lol
  5. well got my celestron skymasters 20x80 from Harrison telescopes ive put them on a cheap old tripod as couldnt afford much else at the moment lol, tripods had a bit of mod to it buts ok , i know theres better binocs but they aint bad for the price cheap and cheerful but do the job straight out the box and no issues with collimation they where well packed. let yeah all know later how i got on with them however daylight terrestral viewing very impressed. next night sky:)
  6. metz

    New Bino's

    After seeing them celestron skymasters 20 x80 just had to order them should arrive tommorow Harrison Telescopes
  7. I think that answers that then lol many thanks for reply:icon_salut:
  8. Has anyone ever posted imagines of the moon seen through binos on the forum cant find any , would be good to look at... see just how good they are 10x50 right up to 20x100
  9. Heres another dealer thats good 3 times ive bort exspensive bits for my telescope and recieved parts without fail the next day and i swear no elligence to no dealer , however can only reccomend to others on there service great stuff well happy ..
  10. As a newbie i would like to know here in the UK from all the diehards what is the record for clear skys , 4 nights viewing 5 , 6 ?? and what season gives the best , ok winter here seems the best time ?? however your own personal best viewing times with clear skies at night you have had , coz quite personaly myself im fed up of owning a £360 hat stand good job i couldnt afford loads more dosh on a telescope lol i doubht very much id sell my scope but its a killer waiting for the clouds to part .
  11. Thanks for that matey and you have a point and thanks for info
  12. cheers for reply brian , thats another idea knocked on the head first was a reflector now the binos ...i will stick to my 102 slt ...flipping minefield out there lol
  13. Thanks for reply what about these http://www.telescope.com/control/main i think these are roof prism and i think ???? these dont need collimation ?? http://www.telescope.com/control/product/~category_id=binocular_giant/~pcategory=binoculars/~product_id=09324
  14. Changed post ....as ive just found out even binos sometimews need collimation ....in these high tech days you have to ask WHY ?
  15. metz


    Cheers for that im going to order that one many thanks mate
  16. metz


    Thanks for that im on the case flipping heck just checked nearly £30 i dont think so ,blimey i reckon thats a hype upped price i bet theres other makes that will do the job just as good i will pass on that.
  17. metz


    YouTube - How to make a CCD camera for telescopes anygood or is they are better vids on youtube for the web cam build..looks ok
  18. The celestron go to system in my opinion is better than a skywatcher but skywatcher make nice scopes, this is my 2nd 102 slt as i sold the first , however at the price you pay ,you get what you get... a decent little scope for a beginner or for thoose that just like to dabble now and again:) good luck with whatever scope you go for.
  19. i could never get tired of looking at that them photos cool
  20. Im gonna wait on buying a reflector until someone designs one where the mirrors are welded, superglued , nailed down , riverted , and sealed in concrete ,then and only then will i consider one
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