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  1. I thought that haha,....praying it didn’t go before I got to it. Gumtree bargin. Need a camera now, but again no idea, think the NexImage 5 or 10, but I read a monochrome with filters is better but much to learn.
  2. Purchased, cleaned, replaced suede on the clamps and all looks good. Not bad for £100 ! You were also spot on, it’s the Celestron C80ED-R
  3. Evening all. I had a Skywatcher 200 some years ago on EQ mount and played with a modified webcam with not much success. I sold the whole lot about 5 years ago. I’m about to buy a second hand Celestron C80 with EQ mount, not go to, or motorised. sorry for my ignorance in advance.....I know I’ll need to motorised it at some point, and I’ve seen tracking scopes used to track a pixel fir the camera scope etc, way past my possible investment at the moment ( house mods first ). i was hoping to do Jupiter and Saturn maybe, possibly mars if available. Your assumption that I know nothing will be correct haha. I’ve seen the Celestron NexImage 10, first question is would this be ok/compatible with the C80ED? if I try to track manually what are the problems and what success can I expect? i assume I only need to motorise one knob, once I set the height I recall I only needed to turn one knob to track ! Please enlighten me on what the correct terms are for these knobs ill leave it there for now....so many questions sorry. cheers Ian
  4. I googled picture etc and I’d agree with what it is. Hopefully I’ll buy it....still waiting for this chap to reply back again. Then I’ll look at an imaging camera. Been looking at the Celestron 10, seems quiet good, but I’ll be asking lots and lots of questions first, ie motorising the mount.
  5. Thx for the help folks, still waiting to go see what it is. I sold my Sky-Watcher 200 with EQ mount done years ago. Not been on this site for some years either and way out of touch. Your views of this scope would be appreciated. cheers ian
  6. All I have is this picture, I’m waiting for a response from the seller.
  7. Found this for sale, I don’t know what it is, and the advert doesn’t state either. Waiting for a reply back but in the mean time anyone shed light on it and approx value.
  8. i will be sticking my skywatcher 200 with EQ mount on the clasified very soon, or if you send me an email we can talk there...might be in your budget...also have a few other goodies to go with it... i'm in North Stoke on Trent if your anywhere near, feel free to contct if you would like a look. regards Ian
  9. Hello all, i'm forced to think about selling up.... can anyone give me an idea of what my 8" newt on. EQ mount is worth ? lets say average condition, its never fair to say perfect as i'm sure someone can always find something no to taste. many thanks folks, once i've found the strength to over come the heart break then i'll advertise it kit on here with a few other optional extras too. regards Ian
  10. Don't think i'm going to get to this one.....real shame....I really hope you all get Dark sky with not a cloud in sight ! PUT ME DOWN FOR NEXT YEAR PLEASE ! are you taking booking yet 2012 :-) cheers Ian
  11. damn, knew i'd be too late... not sure i could convince the wife to camp... so may limit it to popping down for a night.. cheers
  12. Hi, I'm at work in itally at the moment and only just got online and seen the party...is there any spaces left for a caravan 7.92mtr 6 berth? with EHU? cheers Ian
  13. So we've all book up, but who is ordering the weather ! I think its fair to say that we all would like 20deg c by day, (clear blue ofcourse) and flat calm with clear skys at night ! I'll appologise now, i'm new to all this star watching business and this will be my first star party, so if you come across a chap asking a million questions, many of them stupid then that will be me looking forward to it, so are the wife and kids...hope we get chance with the solar scope. cheers Ian
  14. any update for the release of the booking page ! I'll need a hardstanding for ma caravan... :-)
  15. thanks for the help. i'll down load and try..
  16. can anyone provide me with a link to free, simple to use webcam video capture software for astro imaging... I've already played around with two versions, but i'm very new to trying this, and it blinds me with options i know nothing about...yet ! many thanks Ian
  17. thanks folks, i managed to get it woking...give me 98 o XP any day ! i managed to get it working. Had to clear the file off the pc, then reinstall run, the reboot, that seemed to do it...... cheers
  18. i've just downloaded this program (free version) It's a zip file, so double click it opens, shows disk1, so open that file and these a list. i double click on setup.exe, i get the allow or don't allow option from windoes, click allow, the disk drive is doing something , but i end up with nothing ! Any one had issues running this / installing this program on windows vista basic ?
  19. Ian_A

    Hi all.

    wlcome...nice buy
  20. Mna Mna DO DO DODO DO ! i'm the muppet !
  21. Well i camped with the wife, once, nice hot summer...next time RAIN RAIN RAIN, that much that the tent rained in, wet ground etc etc....so she said never again ! Hence the van....plus i think i'll have the kids with me too..... :-(
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