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  1. Thanks Guys It was a nice surprise to see the prom and for the clouds to stay away long enough. Don
  2. Captured with ASI 120 & Coronado PST. 27 No 1,000 frame avis at approx. 3min intervals. Best 25% Stacked with Autostakkert, aligned with IMPPG and animated with PIPP Don
  3. Approx 6,000 frames captured with Nikon B700, stacked with Autostakkert and lightly processed in Photoshop Elements Don
  4. Thanks Grimbles To get the image on the chip the two main things are to start off with a shorter focal length scope - I started with a 6" F5 Newt and to make sure the Finder and camera are perfectly aligned. I also use a right angle finder with double cross hairs which ensures that when the ISS is centred it isn't hidden behind the cross hairs ! Happy hunting Don
  5. Thanks for your kind words everyone Visually I could only see a small dot as I was looking through a 10x50 finder. The camera field of view in conjunction with the C9.25 is only approx. 7x5 arc mins and the ISS is travelling approx.1 degree in 1 second when overhead. Keeping it in the field of view at high magnification for visual observation would be extremely difficult. Don
  6. Captured yesterday with ASI 120 on C9.25 on EQ Mount hand guided and lightly processed in Photoshop Elements Don
  7. Captured with Nikon B700 on 13th October - original mp4 at 30fps reduced to 10fps for Gif Don
  8. Captured today on the Gong site Don
  9. Tom My ASI is mono -you get more detail than with a colour - I used to take colour shots with a DBK21 - less detail but nice to see the brown shading of the solar panels I usually leave the IR filter on to keep dust off etc but don't think it makes any difference to the image. I didn't even know what the shutter was so I certainly didn't worry about it. Good Luck Don
  10. Tom No I used an EQ mount and as I said you do get into some awkward positions !! Alternatively if you align the mount west to east instead of south to north tracking is much easier but getting your finder alignment and focus can be tricky. Don
  11. Thanks Tom & Stu My technique - Use a right angled finder with double cross hairs - then when its centred you can actually see it framed in a box Make sure the finder and camera are perfectly aligned and the finder bracket doesn't wobble Focus on a bright star - preferably along the path that ISS is going to take I use Firecapture for capturing as I find the auto alignment really helpful for focusing - but don't use auto align during imaging Set a fast shutter speed - 1/1000 th second or less, gain 50-60 & gamma 50 I've put some white tape along the t
  12. Captured with ASI120 & C9.25, hand guided Single frame centred in PIPP lightly processed in Registax Don
  13. Thanks again guys. Jim - for the solar I use a Coronado PST whilst for the moon and planets I use a Celestron C9.25. I also have an ASI 120 MM but find that I get better images for solar using the DMK even though the image scale is smaller - presumably something to do with the pixel size for the DMK being larger - and none of those Newton Rings with the DMK on normal resolution as its a CCD not CMOS chip. Don
  14. Mike A few years ago I had the same problem and found that the atFolix antiglare protectors worked really well - I even got one for my digital camera. https://www.amazon.co.uk/Protector-Lenovo-ThinkPad-Helix-Protection/dp/B00F0XNSH4/ref=sr_1_2?s=computers&ie=UTF8&qid=1500203197&sr=1-2&keywords=atFoliX+laptop Don
  15. Always seemed to be hazy or cloudy - captured last weekend with DMK21 & PST, lightly processed in Photoshop Elements Don
  16. Thanks Guys I much appreciate your comments and likes .. and now a quick Gif Don
  17. Captured between my shots of the ISS. ASI 120 + C9.25 Don
  18. ...for the competition - captured on 1st June ASI120 & C9.25 hand guided - two passes - 1st Image 0.687 mille seconds, 50 Gain 50 Gamma. remainder from the 2nd pass when I upped the gain to 60 to get the fainter parts Don
  19. As time is running out I thought I'd better get in quick. Captured on 6th April with ASI 120 using Firecapture on C9.25 hand guided - 0.687 millesecond exposure, Gain 50, Gamma 50. Centred in PIPP, lightly processed in Photoshop Elements. Best single frame out of 168. Don
  20. Captured with DBK21 on C9.25 Don
  21. Taken a couple of weeks ago with DMK21 - two on PST two on C9.25 Don
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