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  1. i accepted approx £400 from RVO the power connection was a bit dodgy however ( needed a bit of tape to hold wire in position at the mount)
  2. Thanks for all the replies. I finally decided i would up grade my mount to a new az-eq6gt and part exchanged my previous neq6. I would have now a belt driven mount and a better one hopefully at that.. Should be receiving it next week from RVO. If any advice/tips regarding this new mount it would be appreciated eg does the belt need adjusting occasionally and i presume thats a lot easier than doing a rowan mod. This set up is to be used primarily for astrophotography.. I also am purchasing the eq extension to the mount head to put the set up a little higher ( would help my bad back) I presume the updated knobs off my neq6 will replace the existing ones on the new az-eq6gt thanks Philip
  3. Hi Andy, Thanks for the reply Would you please pass on his email address to me please, that would be very helpful, and then i could take it from there. regards Philip
  4. has anyone used the company dark matter ltd for retuning plus rowan neq 6 belt modification. Cost £499 plus £39 courier service. https://www.darkframeoptics.com/category/sky-watcher-service-tuning
  5. Hi, Can anyone help i want to have the rowan neq6 pro belt modification done to my neq6 mount. I am far from confident of doing this myself, i am just not practical enough. Does anyone know anyone who can do this mod. Rother Valley Optics have said they would do it and have had my mount several weeks but unfortunately i have just now been informed that due to Ians illness at Rother Valley Optics they are not doing modifications in the near future. I have just purchased a nearly new zwo camera and was hoping to use it on my upgraded mount. A bit buggered now. Can anyone help. Philip Robinson Chesterfield Derbyshire
  6. i think i have decided on the ASI600MM-cool and control using sequence generator pro. However this camera is not cheap and i will need other bits but it should last me many years. I was initially looking for the simplicity and the cheaper asi600MM. However the idea of better images is steering me to the more expensive option. How much more equipment would i need to use this with my telescopes. I have skywatchered80 and celestron9.25. I also have nebulosity and PHD2 for guiding. thanks for your help PS to MartinB is that Chesterfield , England or US . i am chesterfield Derbyshire at a place in Hady.
  7. thanks for the replies. Has anyone used a cooled osc camera. I am looking at the ZWO ASI174MC usb3 cooled colour cmos camera. i have never used anything apart from dslr cameras. I presume you use software to download images as usual and stack/process with software. Is there any specific software to control these cameras. i have used BYEOS for my old Canon 450d.
  8. Hi, Can anyone recommend a camera to replace my modded canon 450d, which has had a problem with the mini usb port and is not replaceable as the parts not available from canon as this camera is not supported now. I do astrophotography and would prefer a reasonable but not over the top price dlsr camera that will only be only used for astrophotography. I would prefer a canon model. thanks Philip
  9. Hi, Can anyone help I have my canon 450d camera connected to my laptop with a usb to mini usb cable. I am losing connection to my camera for imaging because of the connection at the camera end . If you fiddle the cable as it enters the camera mini usb slot you can get a connection but just touch it and its lost again making life almost impossibe trying to image. I am not sure whether its the cable or the camera mini usb slot itself. Has anyone had this problem and does any firm repair canon cameras, surely i dont have to buy a new camera for such a small but irritating problem. In the mean time i will buy another cable and test if its the cable although i feel its the camera input socket although it doesnt look damaged in anyway. I hope that someone might offer any helful advice Philip
  10. Fixed now i uninstalled the prolific driver and installed an older version of the driver. Everything works ok now, but the best answer would be to get one of these new eqdircables from FLO which are easier to get going in windows10, and ditch the HITEASTRO cable. Thanks for any help Philip
  11. Thanks i believe its something to do with the HITEASTRO eqdirect cables and the prolific drivers for windows10.. Am i better to ditch this cable and buy the eqdirect such as advertised at First Light Optics Philip
  12. Hi, I have installed the stellarium and stellariumscope software in windows10 perfectly ok. my telescope is ascom controlled. using eqdirect cable in StellariumScope i have my mount selected as EQMOD ASCOM HEQ5/6, i altered nothing in the Properties box , then when i tick the CONNECT box i get this message`Stellariumscope should have disconnected from your mount.It is essential that your mount is not tracking or slewing` The tick will not stay in the CONNECT box. ( but for a microsecond you do see the EQMOD NSEW control box but disappears immediately with that above message) Anyway i then start Stellariumn and go to Telescope Control it shows 1 Connected local,external Scope 3. Connected local,external Sync 5.Connected local,external Cancel and i also ticked the box Load at startup and then when i try to slew to anything i get the message: No connection to telescope check -scope is powered on and cables hooked up -scope driver has been selected -connect option is checked The scope is powered, cables hooked up, EQMOD ASCOM HEQ5/6 driver selected but as mentioned earlier i cant get the tick to stay in the CONNECT box in stellariumscope. Any help would be appreciated I feel its something to do with the driver selected in Stellarscope Further to this i have now noticed in device manager there is a yellow exclamation mark against the Prolific USB-to-Serial Comm Port (Com3) Am i missing something here. Could it be something that i should have entered in to the Properties box that is against against the EQMOD ASCOM HEQ5/6 in Ascom Telescop Chooser Philip philip59 Nebula Posts: 26 Joined: Thu Oct 27, 2011 8:31 am
  13. Hi Russell That makes me feel better. I thought it was just me. Strange isnt it. Did you have the exact same problem that when DSS computes the final image using auto adaptive weighted average, it gets to the very final step of saving the picture to autosave.tiff and decides instead to compute the final picture again and again and again....... I hope this might help others who have this similar problem I just have Photoshop to deal with now!!! Philip
  14. It seems using any stacking method apart from auto adaptive weighted average works. I don't know why dss will not output an autosave.tif using my lights, flats, darks, bias combo with the auto adaptive weighted average option. however it works with the Kappa Sigma setting as Martin advised and other settings. My problem seems to be solved. In this instance auto adaptive weighted average will stack but not output an autosave.tif. I still don't know why however Philip
  15. Just stacking my 30 darks and lights worked fine It has to be now the stacking parameters settings that are used to stack my darks, lights, flats and bias. My next step now is to use the DSS recommended stacking settings for my darks, lights, flats and bias. If an autosave.tiff is produced after stacking , then the problem has to be the stacking method using auto adaptive weighted average. i think i am getting there Philip
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