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  1. Hi all im paul from lancashire and have just bought a sky watcher 130p and im very pleased with it but do have some questions. 1st being that i can see jupiter almost every night and can get a good round focus on the planet and see its moons but i seem to be getting no detail of its gas clouds as it seems to be too bright. (light yellow/white colour) Now on the other hand when i look at the moon all is well and i get very good detail so the scopes i think has no problems with focusing. I am using the 2 x barlow with a 10mm eye piece so is this enough to see what im after? Also i have tried with and without a moon filter but still no difference. Just so you know this was tried last night and tonight so maybe it was just bad conditions or do i need a higher eye piece or a different type of filter? Cheers Paul
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