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  1. Done and can`t wait till "wonders of the universe" stats in march
  2. This morning was good viewing venus saturn and the moon all in the same piece of sky.
  3. Hi sry for the late reply and yes it is the ortho baader it works very well with my 130p and with the 2x barlow the fov in the ep is not that small i find it a good combo as it gets you to 185x. And back to saturn i managed to see it this morning for the 1st time and it had a nice tilt on it showing the rings. I have had not a lot of luck with the weather up here in the morning as its hilly so get alot of mist early on. But by 630 she was high enough to get a good view for 10 mins or so till it clouded over and i also managed to see venus with a good 3/4 eclipse that seemed very bright but still not bad viewing for my 1st time.
  4. Yes but i cant get it to show when taking a pic but its there.
  5. So it close but not just there i have given it my best today but just can`t seem to get the cross lined up on that one . Could the focuser be out of line slightly as when the cheshire is rotated the cross stays the same .
  6. Here is my 2nd go and i moved the secondary mirror forward.
  7. Should the crosshairs on the cheshire overlap the reflected ones in the mirror then?
  8. Here is a pic of it the left hand side it the top or where the focuser is.
  9. After a couple of hour outside i got good clear images of jupiter and the moon. I also did the star test and all was well so im gonna leave as is for now as this was the 2nd time i have ever collaminated and got it as close as i can. One thing i did change was the 3 grub screws for the secondary tilt adjustment. I used three m4 35mm hex bolts so adjustment is a little easier .
  10. I think a trip outside is in order as the moon and jupiter are close tonight so a couple of hours in the garden it is and i will report back. Thanks Paul
  11. Im confused as i believe my secondary mirror to be centred under the focuser and in the tube assembley so how do i off set it like the picture. And what happens if i leave it as is would it distort the image?
  12. how do i go about offsetting the secondary mirror because at the moment its perfect with even gaps?
  13. I have just collaminated my scope and it has ended up being like the 1st picture but because i have a f5 scope it should be like the 2nd but does it matter?
  14. Dont you need to unscrew the three grub screw`s a little first to take the pressure of the screw head?
  15. I have the serial - usb as i needed it to update firmware on the handset. So i guess i have everything i need for it to work then Well everything but good weather...
  16. Do any of you use stellarium to guide your goto mounts and if so how do you connect your scope to your laptop/pc ? Do you use the same cable that updates the syncscan handset .... Also is there a quick guide on how to sync the mounts to stellaruim as i have enabled the plugin that allows you to move a telescope but not yet connected my telescope. Cheers Paul
  17. oooo very nice how long does it usually last ?
  18. I decided to get up early this morn to see where saturn was and at 4 o`clock it was directly to my east but very low on the horizon. Then by 6 o`lock it was just to my south east but due to weather could not see a thing . Then at 730 it was gone and it did not show on stellarium so do we only get a short window to see saturn and will it get higher the later in the month we go? Cheers Paul
  19. Hi all as im new at this and have only been started a few weeks my question is... As this is the month to see saturn when will it be good enough to see over the north west of england? Im located a few miles north of manchester and can see jupiter very clear to my south east every night but have no idea where to start looking for saturn as i know its a early morning get up to view it. Cheers Paul
  20. Thank you thats what i wanted to know
  21. Ok i have the above and it says i need a 12v 1 amp supply so will a 12v 7 amp sealed lead acid battery be ok to use instead of a wall socket type power supply. And is the recommended 1 amp just minimum requirement or will the 7 amp supply damage the mount? The battery is from my model plane flying days so is only small and im sure back then the higher the amp the longer the battery would last. Would this be the case with the mounts as the feed is still 12v? Cheers Paul
  22. Good news its on!!! well as a dry fit it is After 45mins of measuring and working out i drilled the four new holes in the tube and with 4 x 9mm packings the focuser fits well and after a collamination test all was well. So when i finish the install properly and tidy it up some more i will post up some pics.
  23. Well i think it will work as the focuser now has a 2" - 1.25" fitting in so i don`t think i will need to file anything. So im going to give it a go tommorrow and i will post some pics as i go along as i believe by packing the focuser it will fit or i will make it fit lol.
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