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  1. Ignoring the relativistic effect, I think you will be back to the same time. However, you will be able to see the Earth 8 years ago at the location where you stand after travelling 1 year with 10x speed of light. Let's do again the calculation, first part is correct, you can see the light that emit from Earth 9 years ago. But, if you travel back at 10x speed of light, you are actually fast forwarding, that is, at t=0, you see 9 years ago, then 8 years, 7 years.....But, since you are travelling 2 years, the "frame" that you are from has been 2 light years away from Earth, and you are now in the
  2. I was thinking the other way: If we are able to put a mirror one light year away from Earth, the mirror supposed to reflect the light back to Earth. So, what we do is just observe the mirror from the Earth. The to and fro for light to travel is 2 light years. Therefore, we can see what we did two years ago from the time we observe the mirror with a telescope. XD
  3. Haha, interesting and crazy question. I like it! If there is a hole from one side of the Earth surface through the core to another surface of the Earth, maybe we can assume that the gravitational force in the hole same as the between of 2 similar planets which have half of the mass of Earth with same density, and others feature of the Earth. The distance between this 2 planets might be dependent on how big the "imagined hole" is. Kenny
  4. Well, how to determine the speed of spinning of a star from its age? And how to determine whether it is over speed or not?
  5. What is the difference between guide scope and finder scope? I mean difference from the function and characteristic.
  6. I'm wondering what will be happened to us when the time halts. All of us might be freezing and can we still look the others as the lightwaves also stop propagating.
  7. Besides Big Bang, I found another theory called "Big Crunch" too. It's about the end of the universe, which states that when the internal energy of the universe ends up, it stops expanding but it starts to shrink, which is caused by the gravity of the objects in the universe. Finally, the universe ends up its life. However, I am not sure whether this is true or not, as I only found this theory from one material only.
  8. It's nice to see the Venus before sunrise. It is clear enough for everyone even you don't own a high performance telescope. I use my F70060, just manage to see its crescent shape. However, it's clear comparing to others!
  9. Why can we only see Venus in half shape? Where is the another half hidden into? Is that Earth's umbra?
  10. When will Venus be seenable? Which direction should I scope to?
  11. Yes, it's very nice. This image was the maximum of my telescope can do.
  12. I saw the Saturn too! But, I saw it at the second day (23th May), when it is much further from the Moon than the first day it occured. Thanks!
  13. Hi everyone, I am interested in astronomy for ages. I hope I can get a lot of information and share my opinion to/from everyone here. I am totally a beginner in astronomy, and I do not know where should I from. Hope I can get what I want here. Nice to meet everyone here! Regards.
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