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  1. anyone know what size we need for the reticle? mine is an eq5
  2. great idea glowjet - now all i need is a drill and some dowel lol i surprised myself knowing what dowel is. will definitely give that ago. though i'll have a look at the o rings in halfords and check their sizes and compare those sizes to the ones i have. if i find the right size - i reckon with clever marketing a 1p o ring could fetch £50 - just with a fancy "astronomical" name. retailers seem to be doing it with all astronomy stuff
  3. know what you mean Rob. I got a box of rings from Maplin - only about £3 for 225 of them - some fit nicely round the reticle - but are either too thin or too thick. I tried a combination of 1 that is too thin and the thumb screws - seems easier to work that way as there is much less movement from the reticle. will try halfords for more o rings or even try and trim 1 of the rings which are too thick with a stanley knife. remind me to buy plasters for when i slice the fingers off myself. i'm hopeless with fidgety things - and this reticle mullarky sure is a pain in the ass. at least if i find an
  4. this is the thread I read and was hoping someone would be able to give even more basic instructions: http://stargazerslounge.com/diy-astronomer/166595-permanent-polar-scope-reticle-centring.html
  5. can anyone help me out? Mine is off centre and I read in another thread about using o rings to centre the reticle. I couldn't make sense of the procedure and would be grateful if anyone has done this themselves and could provide simple instructions. cheers Mick
  6. anyone know where to buy spares for this? also the little locking grub screws for the mirror on a 200p Skywatcher explorer (blue body)? Thanks in advance.
  7. Mine arrived after a week - think some of us were lucky and ordered at the right time. Week was a bit long but they were probably trying to clear a back log.
  8. once the cam has been flashed - lens removed etc adapter attached how vital is the IR filter for viewing/imaging?
  9. like your style Bart - must get onto their site. What part of Cork are you from? My in-laws are (West) Corkonians - got married in Gougane Barra and had reception in Clonakilty. Love it down there.
  10. hello folks - hoping an expert would be able to advise. I have 1 of the above cameras - i noticed it has a CCD sensor. I dropped the thing on holiday and the the little extendable lens is broken - it'll still take photos but the zoom isn't working. would anyone be able to advise if/how it would be possible to modify the camera for astrophotography?
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