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  1. good evening all, i really need help. I have an old Skywatcher AZ3 mount with a missing part. It's a part of the Azimuth locking mechanism, it the small metal square bar in the bottom right of the attached picture. if anyone knows the dimensions and material of the bar i could make one myself.
  2. I wanted to provide an update, I bought a joblot for £160, it included 1. A Finderscope a skywatcher 6x30 2. relevation astro eyepiece kit with 9, 12, 15, 20 , 32 mm, barlow lens and some coloured filters, 3. a 18mm BST eyepiece. 4. An unused alistair lightwave premium diagonal
  3. Thank you Zermelo, After your advice, I have been looking at an Astro Essentials finder scope 9x50 and an SVBony zoom eyepiece 7-21mm. I feel this will give me the most versatility to begin with. Thanks again Mike
  4. Hi dave Thank you for the advice, as for the mount, I think it is an eq2. The only thing I was worried about was the lack of finder scope
  5. Hi I am a begginer to astronomy and I recently bought a skywatcher evostar 90 (blue coloured one) from gumtree for £55. What I Haddenham realised from the add was there was a lot of parts missing from the telescope. It only came with a 25mm eyepiece, so my plan is to buy the missing pieces. This is my shopping list so far (from amazon) 1. SVbony sv182 finderscope £39.99 2. Svbony sv137 x2 barlow lens £30 3. Svbony Eyepieces 1.25" Astronomic Eyepeice 10mm £13.99 4. Canon t2 adapter £7 (I have an old Canon 1000d I want to try doing some photos of the moon and planets) I guess my question is, was the telescope a worthwhile buy and is it worth spending out on the extras
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