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  1. Hi, I actually own one of these scopes. I was very pleased with it but had nothing really to compare it to. Just recently I had a chance to compare it directly with a Celestron 125 mm Schmidt-Cassegrain. It was no comparison really, the Helios was better in every respect and as long as the price is good I wouldn't hesitate to recommend them (this only applies to the 8" Helios that appears to be the same as the Skywatcher 200p, I have no knowledge of any other Helios produts). I hope you get as much enjoyment out of your new scope as I have from mine.
  2. Check out this amazing photo of the milky way, simply stunning Nick Risinger has always gazed up at the sky. But last year the amateur astronomer and photographer quit his day job as a Seattle marketing director and lugged six synchronised cameras about 60,000 miles to capture an image of the entire night sky. Photographer travels 60k miles in a year to compile stunning panorama of the Milky Way | Mail Online
  3. I have a lamp post just outside my house which was nicely covered by a conifer tree. However, because the tree was blocking the streetlight (and keeping my garden that little bit darker) I've had to chop the top off. I've now just had a brief chat with my local council and told them it is shining straight through my bedroom window (which it is, didn't mention observing) and they agreed to put a shield on the light straight away, no argument no charge. It remains to be seen how fast they'll do it and I'll report back with progress.
  4. Not exactly earth shattering, though very interesting and important. Lets hear what else they've got to say.
  5. well we'll find out soon enough, if they ever get round to starting
  6. Might be a good time to put your second hand gear on ebay.
  7. This is the simplest explanation of a 'flat universe' I've found when we say the universe is flat it is not in the same sense that a piece of paper is flat, but rather means that the geometry of the universe is such that parallel lines will never cross, the angles in a triangle will always add up to 180 degrees, and the corners of cubes will always make right angles. We call this kind of geometry (the kind you learned in school) Euclidean geometry.I haven't quite got my head round how this tallies with curved space-time of general relativity though.
  8. Just found this thread and thought that it should be bumped so that everyone can checkout these wonderful messier charts
  9. You're not alone, failed miserably to find m31 the other night. Pleiades was beautiful tho and reassuringly easy to find
  10. same here, wet and nasty it seems for weeks, only managed a few hour of cloud dodging.
  11. OR if you are feeling particularly flush and have a spare mountain top going spare, how about one of these (The Large Binocular Telescope)
  12. You mean like this amazing diy effort :)http://stargazerslounge.com/diy-astronomer/104439-diy-16-binoscope.html:icon_salut:
  13. I must agree with the consensus on this thread, this is an epic build. I take my hat of to you sir.
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