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  1. am about to give imaging a go myself. i have a Skywatcher Skymax 127 but am primarily thinking of using my Megrez 72FD. it is the older version without a DDG focuser. I have recently purchased a Pentax K5 DSLR and want to mount the Megrez on it. can someone confirm whether the following would be suitable:- Max DSLR 2" camera adapter WO 0.8 Reducer III thanks
  2. quick question. have a "very good" compact camera which has 46mm thread for attaching filters etc. i think i would need a t-adaptor in a 1.25" to put it in my skymax 127 or WO megrez 72 but what else do i need, step up or down rings? i have looked on FLO and seen the t-adaptor but it does not say what diameter the thread on the t-adaptor itself is. regards to all.
  3. hello all, i have been away for a while, domestic split. i have the skywatcher sky tee (wo ez touch clone type ) and i have not yet used it with two scopes. i have WO M72 and Skywatcher 127 Mak and decided to set it up tonight with both scopes. i have levelled tripod part as best i can but when i line either balanced scope up with a target, the other scope is well out. example, align Megrez 72 with 25mm eyepiece on moon tonight, Mak 127 with 18mm eyepiece is about 4 moons below where the moon is. i dont know what that is in degrees but anyway... there are little holes on the sky tee but
  4. it would be 8 bit but i thought i could use the 16 bit raw files for levels and curves. there is a "Smartcurve" plug in which allows me to move sliders on the levels graph. i was basically after a workflow on photoshop and i was then going to see what i could apply to elements with any available plug ins. as in whether people try and remove chroma or luminance noise, darken any colours etc. the shot i posted was a very crude attempt but the point i am making is aside from levels i dont actually know what i should be adjusting.
  5. i have got PSE7 for my digital photography hobby. i have tried taking a few widefield shots and posted one or two here:- http://stargazerslounge.com/index.php/topic,31084.msg318100.html#msg318100 i was wondering if anyone could tell me in Elements what sort of changes they make so that i can try them. Here is one that i tried playing with (click to enlarge)
  6. just in case you are still wavering skymax 127 yes etx no
  7. if i was starting out and had £130 i would borrow the £15 extra and get the 130pm from firstlight as already recommended.
  8. [Well i have just about got this years Astro setup sorted out] this years! this years! oh i wish i could buy something like that setup EVERY YEAR
  9. Has there ever been a time in our recorded history that all of the planets in our Solar System have been in a straight line? Yes, I thought there was one in 2001.. .. .. .. .. .. A space odyssey
  10. i would be up for this and bring my modest equipment. again, depends on the date. would people be planning to stay in tents (or is that crazy talk) or is the idea at the proposed venue to turn up and then drive home afterwards at x.xx am
  11. phone jodrell bank. i went there last week. Professor Ian Morrison has a book in the visitors centre shop there at 9.99. it has a page for each constellation and shows objects for each constellation. i cannot find the title of the book online at present hence my advice to phone them.
  12. sorry for delay, yes they are taken with Panasonic LX3 handheld. i found it difficult to get the focus i wanted and i am assuming it is because i was holding the camera over an eyepiece. i had to set the camera for longest focal length (60mm) and have the focus either manually set or on macro focus. i would assume that i would have better focus if i could simply drop the front of the camera lens down into the eyepiece holder as in my mind i was thinking that i am trying to focus on an already focussed image and setting the camera on macro meant that any slight movements would immediately move
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