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  1. Neil, Great shot! I am deciding what camera to get so I though I would ask you why did you prefer lower resolution camera with higher fps (60) as compared to the medium resolution of 1024x768 with 30fps? I am just trying to understand better so I make right decision. Would not the 30fps version be a better one for planetary work since you get more pixel coverage and hence be able to pull out more detail form the data?
  2. H guys, I have never tried CCD imagining before with anything other than nextimage or toucam. I've always used DSLR for DSO's. I would like to progress a small step farther and get a camera that has higher resolution than 640x480 and which works for both planetary imagining as well as DSOs. I had a look at Atik Titan but I was not very impressed after reading the comments Could someone please advise me? Also, is there a good planetary camera for about £500? Cheers, Martin
  3. Hi Guys, Had a quick try on Jupiter despite of poor visibility Cheers, Martin
  4. Hi guys, Some of more naive attempts on sunspots Cheers, Martin
  5. Hi guys, The pictures here are stunning and this is nothing spectacular but I though I would share my early attempts on sunspots I tried UV/IR block filter as well as R, G and B. I am not sure if the increased detail in the blue colour is a result of using the filter or just better conditions during the recording since the stack size and processing was pretty much the same. Regards, Martin Peniak martinpeniak.com
  6. Hi guys, We got a glimpse of clear sky yesterday : Regards, Martin Peniak martinpeniak.com
  7. Hi guys, 1087 is getting smaller Hope you like the pic, Martin Peniak martinpeniak.com
  8. Thank you guys, all's clear now.. apart from the sky
  9. Hi guys, I have never done solar imaging before and do not have much experience with all these different filters. So far I have a basic filter to allow me to see the Sun in the visible spectrum. I was thinking of getting hydrogen alpha or calcium filter for Celestron CPC925. Could someone advice me on what are the options I have and what are the approximate expanses of these filters please? Thanks, Martin Peniak www.martinpeniak.com
  10. fantastic shots, well done!
  11. Hi guys, This image was stacked from 700frames. Little image processing done by changing brightness/contrast. Need to get Photoshop again Ciao, Martin
  12. Hi guys, I got my new CPC925 with some extras and setting up a local astronomy group in Plymouth. Have a look at my site for details if it sounds interesting to you: www.martinpeniak.com Kind Regards, Martin Peniak
  13. Dear all, I hope some of you will still remember me (martinpeniak.com). I gave up with astrophotography some time ago due life circumstances but now I would like to start again. I live in Plymouth, which is close to Dartmoor but at the moment I do not have a car that I could use to get there. I might buy one later but at the moment I am looking to spend up to £1000 for a new scope, which should be portable but still be good for DSOs and planetary pics. What would you guys recommend to me please? Regards, Martin Peniak
  14. Dear all, I hope that some of you will still remember me. I thought I would post here the video I recently made on the evidence for mind-matter connection as it raises lots of questions and I do not think we can dismiss implications of many scientific experiments I show there. The video is available from my website: martinpeniak.com but also from here in case it does not work: Scientific evidence for a connection between mind and matter on Vimeo All the best, Martin Peniak
  15. Hi guys, I sold my scope and now I am in Italy assembling humanoid robot iCub (www.maritnpeniak.com). I have taken this photo today and though I would post it here just say I am still alive.lol Martin (click to enlarge)
  16. Hi guys, these were taken with my c8-n 4x barlow with toucam. stack size is 1500 out of 2700 hope you like them Martin (click to enlarge) (click to enlarge)
  17. To be honest I did only quick polar allignment and to keep it in the FOW I used hand controller. Martin
  18. Hi guys, this one was taken with my C8-N, 2xbarlow stacked with 4xbarlow and my toucam. stack size is 3500 frames Martin (click to enlarge)
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