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  1. Dave, where is Ruislip? That's a stunning picture!!!
  2. Would you sell HEQ5 separately? If so, how much?
  3. My idea was to go for Atik and Ha filter to start with. Then later I would get other filters. I am also not that concerned about the filter wheel since collecting data via narrowband is probably going to be a night job per filter as you say. I would also save tons of money too...thoughts
  4. He replied and sent me few stunning images taken with the camera. I am attaching them here. Hi Martin, thanks for the offer. If you look on Ian King and First Light Optics websites, you can see that the new price in the UK is £3858. Most astro gear in very good condition sells for 70% second hand. That would be £2700 in this case. I am asking £2530 including insured delivery, which sounds reasonable. Would you like to reconsider your offer in light of the above? I attach some images taken with this camera.
  5. Wow looks like a good deal I guess.
  6. Looks like SX camera has small chip, which could be pain in the ass
  7. Look I have no experience with it but looks like a good deal. Why does he not want to post it though? I understand that it's a delicate equipment but how do other people get their ccds from other companies? Sure they are not travelling to another side of England to pick it up
  8. I totally agree. I was just wondering if buying a second hand camera is really that good when I could get a new atik with a filter wheel and a guider that I can always swap in the future while if I get the camera you mention if will be second hand and might have issues and I will have to use the autoguider it has...unless I buy another one of course...thoughts
  9. I think it'd take ages to find someone who is selling a QSI though...
  10. Is that second--hand camera vastly superior to atik?
  11. Thanks a lot! I am now lot more confident about the setup. I am thinking this, does it look like a good setup for narrowband imaging? HEQ5 - £759 ED80 - £349 Atik 383L Plus - £1,495 H-alpha 7nm - £171 .85x Reducer/Flattener - £159 Autoguider - £275 Dual-saddle - £120 Side-by-side mount - £146 17Ah powertank - £98 TOTAL = £3,572
  12. Also, when I visit the link you provided: https://www.firstlightoptics.com/pro-series/skywatcher-evostar-80ed-ds-pro-ota.html It says: "Note: To achieve this price we are splitting the 80ED DS PRO bundle into individual components so the telescope will be delivered in our own box and packaging." What does it mean? I see the prices of this scope elsewhere are higher. Has something been removed from the scope?
  13. Please keep me posted. Do you think the 80mm aperture of ED80 will be sufficient for narrowband imaging considering that it already needs longer exposure times?
  14. Sure, I used to have similar setup before with regards to weight. Thank you for pointing it out but for me it is not an issue
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