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  1. Well, I'll be getting up, but the forecast is pants for me. In which case it'll be http://sunearthday.nasa.gov/2012/transit/webcast.php for me.
  2. Apart from the report on the mighty X class flare there's a nice pic over at SpaceWeather.com -- News and information about meteor showers, solar flares, auroras, and near-Earth asteroids scroll down to "Sunspot Conjunction" bw Mel
  3. HT : Nature.com Oldest galaxy is lone ranger : Nature News
  4. See??! If only he'd consulted the horoscope before doing that, I'm sure that under the starsign of Procrastinator it would have said "this is not a good time to be trying to do complicated rebuilds"
  5. Oh yes, I'm with John. Perhaps even a question like "Are you thinking of doing some observing tonight?" may also be factored into the CCQ?
  6. basenji

    Hello hello

    Hi Blane, welcome to SGL.
  7. basenji


    Hi rob and welcome.
  8. Hi Brandon, welcome to SGL.
  9. just welcome the new chaps, tour the whole forum and ask questions, doesn't take long....especially when it's cloudy ;-)
  10. I think Paul is on to something, i did a lazy google and found this forum.... Bandits at 12 o clock hth Mel
  11. Hi Bill, welcome to SGL.
  12. Welcome to SGL, also from Devon
  13. basenji

    Big Hello

    Hi Ewan Welcome to the SGL and (back) to astronomy!
  14. Are you taking full responsibility for the weather?
  15. basenji

    Another Newbie

    Hi Maureen welcome to SGL.
  16. Hi Tony, welcome to SGL.
  17. Welcome to SGL The 200 comes in a couple of big boxes! When I'm in th egarden I've found a UHC filter and a long-ish home made dewshield block out the local neighbourhood lights.
  18. What is this thing "clear skies" you mention?
  19. Welcome from east devon! As the others say, FLO are your best friends around here, bought from them over a year ago and any problems are no issues with them. As to SGL, it's a very friendly site, give it a good tour and don't be afraid to ask, the natives don't bite:-)
  20. Apologies then.....have some more salt, had an hour before tea with Jupiter and the moon....everything is crossed for early morning now. Luke, bad news on the flu, get better soon.
  21. Nearly, to save fingers click on this rather neat wiki entry.... http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/GoTo_(telescopes) it knows the co-ords, you just tell it what object. hth
  22. Right then, nobody dare clean or touch your scopes until 6pm...we'll try and get the drop on the clouds.
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