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  1. Hi all. As it is such a lovely evening i decided to take the camera in the garden and give astrophotography a try, i have a few shots and would just like to know what a few things are. In the pics there are a few blue and red dots, are these stars? Sorry for the basic questions but this is my first go with the camera Also i'm amazed at what the camera can capture, when i look up at the sky i can see a few stars, the camera has caught loads pics not that good, couldn't upload a larger one. Thanks.
  2. Thanks Ron. I do plan on buying skywatcher explorer 130 but thought this might be a good inbetween scope. As you say there isn't a lot of info about the scope and i can't find anything on google.
  3. Could someone please take a look at this scope and tell me if it's anygood? I have googled it but can't find anything. eBay - The UK's Online Marketplace
  4. Dobs??, i shall take a look at the buy and sell site. Thanks Thanks Ray, that helps alot. Nick
  5. Thanks Mark, i have read the link, very helpfull. I'm sure i'd like the hobby, the skies fasinate me, my only problem is i am extremely impatient I am going to do some more reading before i make my mind up but i think i may go for the sky watcher 130mm. Thanks
  6. It certainly is difficult, i the problem is i don't mind spending the moneyy on a decent scope if i have to but i have no idea if i am going to enjoy it, or if my daugter is going to have anything more than a passing interest.
  7. Thank you, i don't mind spending extra on some eyepieces if they will improve the scope. Thanks Ray
  8. Thanks MarkF, is a faster aperture not best then? (I am used to camera's where it is Also isn't the skywatcher faster than the 114mm as it has a 130mm diameter (Or am i totally confused
  9. Would like to order one today, does anyone have any opinions on the above scopes? Thanks
  10. Hi all. I am looking for a bit of advice on my first scope, i have been reading about various scopes for a few days now and have learnt that magnification isn't everything and good optics and sturdy mount are more inportant. With all the above would any of the below scopes be any good, i want something me and my daughter can use to get good views of the moon and possibly other planets? Celestron*AstroMaster 130 EQ & EQ MD (MotorDrive) Telescopes: Best Deals On Astronomical Telescopes, Eyepieces and Accessories - Skywatcher, Meade, William Optics, Bosma, Bresser, Celestron, Helios At Ace Ca
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