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  1. you may have to spend more than that to get a wirth while scope, what do you aim to look at??
  2. i like the feeling of viewing of the front garden for some reason
  3. as i said three months without a clear night, i wish i had your luck
  4. then you are the luciest sod in the wolrd lol
  5. oh and M31 that was my first galaxies, oh the memories
  6. i also remember seeing juipiter for the first time, took my breath away
  7. i remember what addcited me, a 10 pound scope which struggled to even see the moon. lol
  8. Jdavies

    hi ya

  9. I would love to see either, would be well cool.
  10. liking the photo of the sunset
  11. I mostly use either two eyepieces. a good 25mm and a good 6mm eyepiece. the 6mm gives stunning views of juipiter. Wouldn't recomend a barlow lense they reck the image qualty and make the imager dimmer and harder to focus. Skywatcher Explorer 200p EQ5 mount 25mm 10mm 6mm
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